The Skin Elixir

WelleCo Europe



Capsules of essential greens that support glowing skin

60 capsules


The Skin Elixir is a powerful blend of natural greens and skin-supporting ingredients in a convenient, bioavailable capsule, for a healthy glow from soul to skin. Taking inspiration from our iconic premium greens powder The Super Elixir™, The Skin Elixir is designed specifically to support a clear, glowing complexion in supercharged, on-the-go vegan capsules that are non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free. Taken daily, The Skin Elixir supports collagen formation, skin regeneration, helps to maintain skin firmness and elasticity and reduce free radicals formed in the body.

As part of our conscious commitments, we’ve chosen fully-recyclable packaging, with The Skin Elixir jar created from 100% recycled material.


Each capsule contains a powerful blend of 18 greens and skin-supporting ingredients, such as Niacinamide and Vitamin E, for optimum skin health.

Formulated with:

+ Premium greens from barley grass, broccoli, and spinach to nourish skin from within

+ Antioxidants such as pomegranate, acai, green tea, and vitamin E# to help protect the skin against environmental aggressors and free radical damage

+ Skin-supporting vitamins and minerals including, B3, B6, E, copperand zinc^ to support skin pigmentation and glowing skin

+ Acerola Cherry for a natural source of vitamin C* to support collagen formation for healthy, bright skin

+ Gut blend of turmeric, black pepper, papaya, methionine, and aloe 

+ Vegan capsules make taking The Skin Elixir super convenient and dissolve more easily than normal gelatine capsules, accelerating absorption of nutrients

^Zinc to support normal, healthy, glowing skin.

*Vitamin C to support normal collagen formation.

+Copper to support normal skin pigmentation.

#Vitamin E to help protect the cells from oxidative stress. 


“The Skin Elixir fits effortlessly into my daily Welle routine. I take The Super Elixir™ first thing in the morning to kickstart my system. Then after I’ve had something to eat, I supercharge my results by taking The Skin Elixir capsules for a glowing complexion. 

I put the jar beside my toothbrush in the bathroom, so I remember to take it after breakfast when I clean my teeth and apply my moisturiser. It’s part of my daily topical beauty routine. Directions are to take two capsules daily with food – which is essential when taking a potent ingredient like zinc – so I always make sure I’ve eaten breakfast first. It’s best to take the capsules in the morning due to the B vitamins in the formula, which could disrupt your sleep if taken too late.”


Proudly formulated, made, and packed in Australia. We source only the finest quality local and imported ingredients from our trusted suppliers.


Directions for adults: Take two capsules daily with water and food. Taking this supplement with or immediately after food is strongly recommended due to the zinc content. 

WelleCo recommends taking the capsules in the morning or at lunch due to the B vitamins in the formula, which could disrupt sleep if taken too late. 


  • Do not exceed recommended daily intake. 
  • Contains Caffeine (4.5 mg per 2 capsules). This product is not suitable for use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant. 
  • If you are taking any medication or have an existing health condition you must consult your doctor before using this product. 
  • Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Store out of reach of young children. 


Food Supplement.
Store below 25ºC in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
Do not use if the carton or lid seal is missing or broken.
No added gluten, egg, dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, artificial flavours or colours.