Sleep Welle Calming Tea Caddy Unfilled


or 4 payments of €13,75 with

Sleep Welle Calming Tea Caddy Unfilled



Celebrate calm with this chic, UV-resistant, lavender glass WelleCo Caddy.


or 4 payments of €13,75 with


Simply fill with Sleep Welle Calming Tea for the ultimate nightly ritual and regenerative rest. 

+ Includes an airtight seal and UV-resistant glass to preserve the quality of your Sleep Welle Calming Tea

+ A striking visual reminder of new-found calm and deep rest

+ Holds up to 300g 

+ Sleep Welle Calming Tea is sold separately

Fill our iconic caddy with your Sleep Welle Calming Tea. Simply cut the corner of your refill pouch at a 45° angle to minimise spillage.

Notes from Elle

"I wind down by making myself a cup of WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Calming Tea to relax and quiet my mind before bed. I end my day with deep breathing techniques and writing a gratitude list – it helps set my subconscious to rest, restore and revive while my mind and body is asleep."

The Best Sleep Tea

Welle Said
"I seriously can't live without this amazing tea. Always gives me the best nights sleep. Try it you won't regret it..."

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