Elle Macpherson: Why Good Soil Makes Great Immunity

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Our founder and Get The Gloss columnist reveals how she supercharges her immune system.


“Growing up in beautiful Australia, I was rarely sick. On the odd occasion my siblings and I were feeling off balance, mum would send us to a chiropractor over a doctor. We had plenty of fresh air and sunshine and we were often by the sea, surfing and relaxing in nature. The environment was less toxic, no GMO or pesticides and the water was clean. We were also fortunate enough to have good, hearty soil which resulted in nutrient-dense vegetables.


I’ve since learned so much from my friend Zach Bush MD (a physician and internationally recognised educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems) about the link between our soil and our wellbeing. Repairing this link is one of the most poignant and pressing issues of our time.


Although the immune system is not housed in any one place per se, 70 per cent of it does reside in our gut. Naturally, the micro-organisms making up the gut microbiome are deeply affected by what we eat. Damage to the gut membrane – through our food and namely, toxic soil due to the widespread use of the pesticide glyphosate – causes inflammation and a breakdown in the gut's natural barrier function. Over time this becomes a serious issue for our immune system, making the cultivation of a healthy gut microbiome our life’s work.


'Without healthy soil, our produce not only will lack nutrients, but it will invite chemicals into our own biology and ecosystem. These chemicals will continue to break down the cornerstone of our health – our immune system – if we let them,' says Dr. Bush.


So the soil I once grew up with under my feet is no longer and, decades on, farming with chemicals has infiltrated our food systems. This leaves regenerative agricultural practices, like Farmer’s Footprint (the US coalition dedicated to reducing chemical farming in order to help prevent chronic disease) the only truly healthy way forward, improving everyone's immune system from the ground up.”


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As originally published on Get the Gloss.