What are the longterm benefits of The Super Elixir™?

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Dr. Simoné Laubscher PhD weighs in on what to expect from committing to The Super Elixir™ beyond 30 days.


Longtime nutritionist and naturopath, Dr Simoné Laubscher PhD likes to think of human health as a…Formula One racing car.


“And a formula one race car is highly inferior to a human,” she says. “If you know Ferrari spend a fortune on fine-tuning those inferior machines to get the best performance around the track, then how much more important is it for us as humans to ensure we're functioning well now and in the future?”


Dr Laubscher maintains that this takes long term work and consistency, but she doesn’t shelve fun, recognising the beauty of pizza and wine on occasion with those she loves.


When asked what is to gain by taking The Super Elixir™ on the longer term, Dr Laubscher talks survival.


“Everything we do in life –– particularly anything that's fun and a bit naughty, like say vino, eating out, late nights or chocolate –– causes inflammation,” she says. “And with colds and viruses seemingly working overtime, now more than ever, it becomes a no-brainer to have that strong foundational base.” So, after your 30 days, you’ll notice that signature vibrancy as well as your skin clearing up, nails growing, moods evening out and feeling more regular, but internally, you’re only just getting started.


Managing inflammation is more important than most of us realise and is the core reason Dr Laubscher created those original anti-inflammatory greens for our founder that would go onto become The Super Elixir™. Your inflammation levels dictate your overall health, with chronic (long term) and acute (short term) both being good reasons to commit to daily maintenance. Think of The Super Elixir™ like your inner vacuum, mopping up the creep of inflammation as it accumulates.


“So, I think if we want to play the long game with our health, treating it like a marathon and not a sprint, then we need to think about building on that foundational base of health as a longterm practise,” she says.


The Super Elixir™ also starts working from your own individual starting point, so it obviously has more work to do for someone on the more toxic end (who might stress a lot, drink alcohol, consume sugar etc) than the average person (who might be relatively balanced for the most part). Irrespective of how you started, “After one month everyone notices the difference,” Dr Laubscher says.


With the increased toxic influences in our environment, Dr Laubscher also recommends The Super Elixir™ for assisting in the removal of stubborn heavy metals. “Because the greens bind to the heavy metals, they are expelled right through you,” says Dr Laubscher. “All the major detox pathways are also supported along with the heavy metal binders from the super greens.”


It’s no wonder our formulator uses the analogy of a Formula One racing car because after 15 years, she appears to have mastered this particular formula. Ultimately, for Dr Laubscher (and so many of us) –– beyond all the well-known benefits of our synergistic super greens –– it’s the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin that keeps us coming back for more.


Join Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD in living#welleeveryday this February. She’s bundled up her top three daily essentials so you can live well –– from the inside-out –– every day.


Dr Laubscher’s Top Tips for Longterm Success:


  • Reminder: Set an alarm on your phone or write a post-it note so that you remember to do something. Be kind to yourself; it takes 3-4 weeks to make or break a habit.
  • Routine:Create a new pattern of good habits and implement them first to phase out the old unhealthy habits. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want, and the habits holding you back will fall away.
  • Reward:Get to know your why, tap into the benefits you’ll enjoy by embracing this new habit, and feel the joy this will bring you into your nervous system. You must feel the reward, not just think it, to embrace neuroscience techniques and train your mind and body into this new habit loop, supporting long-lasting change. Knowing your ‘why’ will also make it much easier when your motivation drops so you can encourage yourself to keep going!

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