4 Ways To Form Healthy Habits In Your Everyday Life

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Turn your new routine into a reflex

We all know the feeling you experience when you've recently committed to something that betters your wellbeing. Whether it's five straight days at spin class, or successfully swapping your go-to bacon and egg roll for a nutritious smoothie a few times, it's easy to feel flush with pride and optimism as you begin a brand new routine.

Where things get hard is when you attempt to transition that initial commitment into a long-term habit. After a while, the novelty inevitably wears off and you can find yourself getting bored, feeling unmotivated and doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to excuse yourself from that very routine you once enjoyed.

But there has to be some kind of trick to it, right? After all, we see and hear it all the time that daily habits are considered the key to success. So if you need a little help turning your new routine into a reflex, here are a few tips that will help to cement healthy habits in your everyday life.

Start small

It's simple: over-committing will always result in under-performing. You're far more likely to become overwhelmed by your new routine if you aren't realistic about it. Starting small will make creating new habits far more sustainable, as you'll be more inclined to tackle them each day despite unforeseen obstacles.

For example – if you're struggling to keep up with cooking your own meals five times per week, why not take it down to three times per week at the beginning? That way you'll be able to build up gradually, making your new habit easier to stick to in the long run.

Pre-empt, plan and prevent any obstacles

Know thy self. If you're prone to patterns – hitting snooze after a late night, turning to junk food after a stressful day – have a plan of action in place to prevent anything that might impede your progress. If you want to work out more often but struggle to get to the gym, carve out space to complete an exercise regimen at home.

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Be really honest with yourself about your limitations and do what you can to pre-empt them, but don't punish yourself, either. Treating yourself with kindness will create a more positive association with your new habit, which can also impact how willing you'll be to keep it up. Do your best to learn from past mistakes, put plans in place for next time, and move on.

Hook your habit onto an existing routine

Perhaps the easiest way to form a new healthy habit is to tack it on to another aspect of your routine that's already well-established. Making it part of another everyday occurrence will help to reinforce your new ritual in your mind, making it far easier to stick to.

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Set yourself rewards

Treat yourself to something special when you reach new milestones. That way, every time you stick to your new healthy habits, you'll be working towards a tangible goal that will motivate you to stay on track.

It doesn't have to be costly or even of material value; it could be as simple as watching your favourite TV show while you're on the treadmill, or enjoying a nice hot bath after a tough workout.

Celebrate however you like to commend your own hard work, and you'll remember that satisfied feeling long afterwards.


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