Is Your Shower Damaging Your Hair?

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Here’s how it could be impacting the health of your strands

If you’re dealing with damaged hair, it likely comes down to a number of factors. Perhaps you’re in a committed relationship with your colourist, can’t live without your curling iron or just can’t seem to quit the vigorous towel-drying (yep, that technique is probably why you’ve got split ends). Regardless, we’re typically cognisant of our shortcomings when it comes to the health of our tresses – but did you know that your showers could actually be taking a toll?

If you’re not using a filter for your showers, you’re likely exposing your strands to ‘hard water’ – that is, water that contains mineral run-off from your drain, such as calcium, chlorine, copper and magnesium. The effects of ‘hard water’ on our hair is an increasingly prominent conversation in the beauty industry, with many experts identifying hard water as the cause of dryness, dullness and damage in the hair.

Unlike soft water – which is filtered, or naturally-sourced from a spring or rainwater – hard water stubbornly clings to the hair, resulting in build-up, as well as making your shampoo, conditioner and treatment products less effective. That luxe wash duo you bought, or that colour and cut your treat yourself to in the salon every eight weeks? Hard water might actually be washing it all down your drain, leaving your locks looking faded and frizzy.

So how can we ensure our hair stays shiny, healthy and hydrated in the face of hard water? Here are a few simple tips that will safe-guard your strands against it.

Address your hair’s health from within

If your topical products aren’t able to do their job, focus on strengthening your hair from the inside out. At WelleCo we follow a philosophy of achieving beauty through wellness, which focuses on giving your body everything it needs internally to feel and function at its best – meaning it will therefore be better armed against external aggressors such as hard water. Just two teaspoons per day of our iconic The Super Elixir™ greens powder will nourish your hair and encourage growth, softness and shine from within.

Install a shower filter

An obvious suggestion perhaps, but a shower-head that filters out all the unwanted minerals from the hard water that comes through your drain. The options vary – you can choose to invest in a water filtration system that purifies the water throughout your entire house, or just use one for your shower turn hard water ‘soft’ – making it an easy way to combat damage.

Use targeted hair treatments

These days you can find products that are specifically designed to cater to hard water exposure. Demineralise your tresses by counteracting the effects of hard water via a chelating shampoo and conditioner. A chelating formula will essentially gather up all those mineral wreaking havoc on your hair and strip them away, washing them out as it works to clarify and restore lustre to your locks.

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