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Our Co-Founder takes us right back to the very beginning.

“I’ve always been captivated by the idea of merging health and beauty with pure natural products and resources, so WelleCo’s initial concept was a natural fit that felt aligned from the beginning.

I turned 50 in 2014, and to celebrate decided to start a business to share a formula I had been taking that was created by my nutritionist Dr Simone Laubsher PhD. I experienced such incredible personal results whilst taking it, that it went on to become WelleCo’s hero product, the SUPER ELIXIR Greens. I became educated on the value of a plant-based diet, conscious lifestyle choices, the correlation between physical and emotional health, and the body’s ability to heal itself if provided the right environment. I realised the power of taking responsibility for my own health and wellness, and this has since become a foundational core value of WelleCo’s. Our aim is to empower people to positively influence their health.

Working within a business, collaborating, and cooperating with our team has been one of my greatest joys and one which has taught me so much. As a shareholder and co-founder, I sit on the board of directors and contribute my experience, thoughts, and ideas. I look for ways the business can expand by recognising new consumer categories and market potentials. I work on promoting and publicising WelleCo’s qualities including its conscientiousness, integrity, usability and the benefits of the products for all stages of life and wellbeing.

Working and building WelleCo as an authentic quality brand means we focus on our products and formulas to make sure they are high quality and efficient. Australians are renowned for being health conscious, curious and authentic. Because we search for what’s clean and best for our health, we ask lots of questions – is this ingredient organic and where did it come from? What practices were used to make this food? What is in our food and how will it benefit my body? As an Australian-based company that prides itself on only using premium wholefood nutrients formulated by nutritional experts, we ask these questions for our customers. I think that this, combined with the fact that we are a brand that has spearheaded the ingestible health and plant-based movement, has allowed us to formulate products that answer those questions. I believe this is what has provided WelleCo longevity and ongoing relevance.

Five years on, we remain absolutely focussed on authenticity, quality, relevance, innovation, inspiration, growth and an ability to understand, adapt and evolve in the rapidly growing wellness category.

To our much-loved customers all over the world, thank you for joining us on this exciting wellness journey and for your ongoing support.”

Happy Birthday WelleCo!

Love Elle x