Elle Macpherson In Conversation With Miranda Kerr

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Watch Elle and Miranda talk beauty-through-wellness, business and finding purpose

This week, our founder Elle Macpherson joined Miranda Kerr for her Instagram IGTV series, Wellness Wednesdays. As Australian models and successful entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness space, Elle and Miranda found that they have a lot in common. "I've known that you've been into health and wellness, but I didn't even realise the extent of our similarities," Miranda said to Elle during the chat. "Like that you're also into meditation, and you love yoga... we sound very similar in our beliefs'."

"I think as two Aussie girls, we have a deep connection to nature. That is part of our heritage – a respect for the earth, a respect for ourselves," said Elle. "We know that sunshine, great clean water, clean air, movement, peace, beauty, connection to our friends and family – those are the values that we hold so profoundly strong in Australia, and you've brought them with you to America and so have I."

For Elle, that innate appreciation for health is what underpins WelleCo's philosophy of beauty-through-wellness. "When you are well, you exude a certain sort of beauty. Not only do you have great skin, because your cells are functioning well, your digestion is functioning well and your skin is in great shape from the inside," she says. 

Watch the entire conversation below to see Elle and Miranda discuss their careers, turning their passions for beauty and wellness into a business and much more.