A Message From Elle

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"This is my person super supplement, I have taken it every day for years. I live by it."
- Elle Macpherson, Co-founder WelleCo

I started my own wellness company WelleCo earlier this year to share my amazing alkalising super greens. There’s so much noise around anti-aging, health and fitness but what’s important to me is wellness. It’s not something you achieve simply by going to the gym, using expensive creams or speaking to a therapist. It’s a feeling of balance and strength that comes from within. Feel good, nourish your cells and you will look good.

Travel, work, stress and growing older affected my body and spirit. Like we all do, I often lacked energy and inspiration, my skin was dry, sugar cravings out of control (I’ll spare you the rest!). So I wanted to find out what I could do. This led me to the wonderful Dr. Simone Laubscher on Harley St, London who specialises in disease prevention and age management. From the first time I started having these alkalising greens under the guidance of Dr. Simone, I was so impressed by the impact they made on how I looked and felt. Every aspect of my everyday life feels easier as a result of my body functioning better because it is balanced and my nutrition is more complete. In fact, now if I leave home without my green drink in the morning on the school run, I turn and go back – my body actually craves it (you’ll see!). On my journey I was lucky to have the best advice from experts in the development of this highly specialised supplement we call THE SUPER ELIXIR (not because of the slightly embarrassing model-moniker, because it’s how I feel). I knew it was rare to have access to these supplements from private clinics, so that’s why we started WelleCo (yes I’m the Elle in WelleCo).