Decoding The Gut-Skin Connection

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Does your digestion impact your skin?

Clear, glowing skin isn’t just the sum of your skincare routine. As research has revealed in recent years, the impact that our digestion has on the health of our skin is actually significant – which is one of the many reasons why WelleCo was born in the first place.


We believe in the life-changing, transformative power of beauty-through-wellness. Our collection of innovative, plant-based Elixirs are designed to support your body with all the nutrients it needs to thrive, including the health of your skin – which, as our founder Elle Macpherson always says, begins within.


But just how does the gut-skin connection work? Let’s break it down.


The role of the gut

There’s a reason that the gut is widely considered to be the body’s ‘second brain’. It’s in constant communication with our mind, our microbiome and our skin, which can actually impact everything from your mood and mental health to our skin.


Our immune system, nervous system and endocrine system help to transmit these messages through the body, which ensures that everything is functioning as it should. Our microbiome is responsible for absorbing all the nutrients we consume from what we ingest, why is why issues can occur when our microbiome is compromised.


What does that mean for the skin?

The microbiome is made up of a delicate mix of microorganisms that live within our gut and on our skin. If our microbiome falls out of balance, inflammation can occur in the gut which subsequently manifests on the skin in the form of breakouts or sensitivity, even skin conditions such as psoriasis and roseacea.


Acute stress, a lack of sleep and a poor diet can also negatively affect the gut-skin connection, so it’s important to maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle. In order to maintain good digestion, and therefore clear skin, the microbiome needs to stay in balance, so if you’re wanting to see results, it’s time to follow your gut.


How to nurture your gut for clear skin

Focus on giving your gut all the goodness that it needs to function at its best, and you’ll soon see results start to show on the outside. A diet rich in probiotics and fermented foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir, will help your microbiome find balance. We’ve also made caring for your skin via the gut even easier, thanks to The Skin Elixir.


When taken daily, WelleCo’s skinnovative capsules are designed to support healthy, glowing skin with a vegan blend of natural greens, probiotics and skin-supporting ingredients in a convenient, bioavailable capsule form. Take two each morning with breakfast to encourage a healthy glow from soul to skin.


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