Natural Sleep Solutions For Sweet Dreams

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Struggle to get enough shut-eye? Try this tonight

Getting enough sleep can be tough. In our current always-on culture, we spend most of our days in front of screens, which can be confusing for our bodies at the best of times. So when it comes time to wind down, it can be tough to coax our minds and bodies into slumber.


While there are a number of options available if you’re struggling with insomnia, there are also some natural sleep solutions at your disposal that might provide relief outside professional treatment. Here are our best tips for drifting off into dreamland.


Brew a cup of calming tea

A glass of wine in the evening might be tempting, but alcohol can actually negatively impact your sleep. Drinking alcohol causes your body to struggle to keep itself in a deep sleep, often resulting in a restless night that deprives you of the shut-eye your system so desperately needs.


Instead, wind down each night with a cup of WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Calming Tea. Our blend of potent herbs is traditionally used to help calm, relax and ease the mind into a deep, restful sleep. Enjoying a tea as part of your evening routine helps to create a soothing sensation, with our natural mix of hops, valerian, lemon balm, passionflower and skullcap uniting to beckon slumber.


Switch to a silk pillowcase

If you’ve ever experienced irritation from your pillowcase, you’ll know just how important it can be for a solid night of shut-eye. Unlike regular cotton pillowcases, a silk pillowcase tends to be cooler on the skin, which can help to better regulate your body temperature at night (very important for sleep!).


Silk pillowcases have also been proven to be more beneficial for your skin and hair, as they can glide against the fabric without being pulled, tugged or tangled. Try The Skin Set, our limited-edition gift that pairs the skin-nourishing power of WelleCo’s super green capsules with the softest silk pillowcase from SLIP™.


Try yoga

Rigorous exercise might not do too much to encourage slumber, but some gentle movement before bed can help to calm your mind and help your body switch off after a long day. Yoga is one of the most popular choices, as many of the poses work to soothe our systems.


So why not incorporate some restorative yoga into your night-time ritual? There are endless free options to stream online, or move through a few of your favourites at home – we love the classic happy baby, waterfall and child’s pose, if you’re looking for some movement to start.


Limit light

Even a small amount of light – whether it’s from your smartphone, the sun or that streetlamp outside your window – can disturb your body’s natural sleep process. Your body is tricked into thinking it’s still time to stay awake, when you need it to begin readying your systems for sleep.


Ensure that your bedroom is kept free from unnecessary light – yes, that means no TV or scrolling before sleep – by limiting screen time and installing blinds that block out external light. Instead use lamps with low output, which can help to convince your body that sleep is near. There are also a number of smart lamps that can dim and glow in line with your morning and evening routine, helping you find a more solid snooze each night.

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