How To Have A Healthy Summer

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Expert tips to help you feel well through the warmer months

Despite what you might initially think, the summer months can be a struggle health-wise. While winter gets a lot of attention for throwing our focus off our health goals – comfort eating, cold mornings offering an easy out from daily exercise, an increased susceptibility to cold and flu – the warmer weather actually presents its own unique set of wellness challenges.

With the sun finally coming out, we're more prone to dehydration (not to mention all those champagne-soaked functions filling up our calendars). So to help you start and finish the season feeling your best, we askedWelleCo's formulator Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD, a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, to share her expert advice on surviving summer with your wellbeing intact.

Consider a seasonal cleanse

If you're wanting to feel your best during the summer season, Dr. Laubscher recommends priming your body for the warmer months by kicking things off with a seasonal cleanse. "Summer is a great time to do a bit of a detox after all those months spent hibernating in winter," she says. "It can be tough to stick to a cleanse in winter, especially because our bodies need warming food to ward off any potential sickness from the cold. So summer can be a much better time because you tend to have more strength and mental resolve when it's warmer."

Dr. Laubscher suggests WelleCo's 30 Days Welle program as a simple, effective starting point. The program offers a reset for your entire body by prompting you to take two teaspoons of The Super Elixir™ each day for one month. The benefits include glowing, clear skin, improved digestion, more energy and a more positive outlook. If you don't manage to fit in a cleanse at the beginning of summer, Dr. Laubscher also recommends using it at the end of the season, to realign your health ahead of the impending chill.

Be mindful of your alcohol intake

The warmer weather naturally leads to a lot more time spent outdoors, especially when you factor in the holidays and many summer soirées that eventuate. While it might be tempting to indulge in a few Amaretto Sours to celebrate the sunshine, Dr. Laubscher advocates for mindfulness throughout the holiday-heavy period to keep your health in check.

"Enjoy yourself, but try not to go too crazy on holiday. While you're in the midst of party season, support your body by keeping up with your intake of The Super Elixir™ to minimise hangovers, stimulate your liver and stay hydrated," she advises. "You can also use WelleCo's Nourishing Protein to balance your blood sugar levels throughout the day."

Stay hydrated

It might be the most obvious answer to staying well in summer, but your hydration is intrinsically linked to almost every aspect of your health. Keep your body functioning at its best by making your water intake a daily priority, and try to mix it up by incorporating fun flavours into your water.

A few fresh slices of lemon or lime in sparkling water can make your drink feel a little fancy, or try a new flavour of The Super Elixir™ to boost your health and please your tastebuds at the same time. Two teaspoons of our new Blood Orange iteration in water makes for the perfect summer beverage.


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