Are Your HIIT Workouts Actually Hurting Your Health?

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Here's how to stop your sweat sessions from taking a toll

There's no disputing that high intensity interval exercise (HIIT) can be really beneficial for our bodies. The heart-pumping workouts are said to be great for our cardiovascular health, with the on-off method promising faster results in less time than other workouts thanks to the high caloric burn.

But recent studies have begun to slowly unpick this steadfast belief often peddled by the fitness industry, which regularly advocates for time-efficient HIIT sessions over other forms of exercise. As with any workout, too much can result in bodily stress – which can undo all those benefits you've been sweating it out for.

Of course, there's still so much to love about high intensity exercise – better sleep, endorphins, a supercharged metabolism – so here's how to enjoy your HIIT workouts without harming your health.

Balance is best

Researchers recently revealed that too many HIIT workouts in quick succession can actually impact your body negatively. Month-long studies demonstrated that doing lower intensity exercise more frequently actually benefited the body's blood sugar levels and muscles more than regular HIIT sessions.

This isn't to detract from the rewarding aspects of HIIT; rather it suggests that you should relegate your high intensity sessions to only a few times a week. On those other days, consider taking a walk or doing a lower-intensity exercise such as pilates or yoga. You'll still see results and your body won't be subject to unnecessary stress.

Refuel your body for recovery

High performance exercise is taxing on your body, so you'll want to give it everything it needs to recover. Make sure you're refuelling your body to allow those joints and muscles to repair post-workout with a daily serve ofWelleCo's Nourishing Protein. Our plant-based supplement was created to aid muscle recovery and energy levels, formulated from gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients and infused with pre and probiotics, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals for comprehensive support.

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Complement your sessions with strength workouts

Try swapping out some of your HIIT sessions for complementary workouts, such as strength training. You'll still be working up a sweat and burning calories, but you'll also be building your strength. Your body will therefore be better equipped to deal with the burst of intensity that come with HIIT exercise, as resistance training can train the body to allow more blood flow to the working muscle.

Blood can then travel better to the heart, which measurably increases your cardio ability. You'll notice more balance in your body, you won't burn out and you'll enjoy the variety in your training, making you more likely to stick with your exercise routine.

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