The Super Elixir™ Caddy Unfilled


or 4 payments of €13,75 with

The Super Elixir™ Caddy Unfilled



Our iconic caddy, your life-long beauty-through-wellness companion.


or 4 payments of €13,75 with


Rendered in a gloss onyx UV-resistant glass, we present a stylish, practical solution for living your beauty-through-wellness journey consciously and plastic minimal. Start your wellness journey with the unfilled WelleCo Caddy, then simply refill with your favourite flavour of The Super Elixir™️ and reseal. For life.

+ Includes an airtight seal and UV-resistant glass to preserve the quality of your super greens powder from the first teaspoon to the last.

+ Easily replenish with your favourite flavour of The Super Elixir™️ from our refill pouches, available in Pineapple and Lime, Lemon and Ginger, Blood Orange, or Unflavoured.

+ A striking visual reminder to take your daily dose of wellness.

+ Holds up to 300g of powder.

+ The Super Elixir™️ powder sold separately.

Fill our iconic caddy with your favourite flavour of The Super Elixir™️. Simply cut the corner of your refill pouch at a 45° angle to minimise spillage.

The Super Elixir™ Original 300g From €79,00
1:: SAVE 25%
The Super Elixir™ Three Month Pack 3 x Blood Orange 300g refills €177,75 €237
The Elixir Spoon Black €20,00

Notes from Elle

“I love its practical beauty—looks great on the counter where it reminds you to take it every day while it protects the ingredients.”

Great Product

Welle said
"I love taking my Super Elixir every morning. It's part of my morning routine. I have accidentally missed a day (probably 3 in total over 5-6mths since I start taking the SE) and I really felt and noticed a difference on those days! I take it with me on weekends away and trips home. Love love love it."

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