The Evolution of Beauty + Wellness in 2023

Get your fix of wellness and things that inspire us.

We step into tomorrow to give you the heads up on what trends you’ll be trying on and taking off.

It’s the year 2023, WelleCo will be nine years young in March and for the most part, our world has realised what our founder, Elle Macpherson, learnt nine years ago and has been sharing ever since –– health is wealth.

Given the economic environment this year, you’ll find that the beauty and wellness space is looking more minimal, earthy and considered. It’s not so much a depressive tale, (with the exception perhaps of the looming ‘cold’ makeup trend… shudder) as much as it is a story of hope. For a future in which we all get down to what reallymatters: being well and becoming better. For ourselves, for each other and for the world at large. Here are 2023’s top beauty and wellness trends.

1. Turbo Transparency

It’s not the time for caked on beauty or caked on marketing. Transparency is order of the day in 2023. Transparent skin and transparent business. Consumers want to see the cold, hard, facts. No greenwashing or hyperbole. Just clean, honest-to-goodness intentions and straight-up communication that reflects them. Companies like Provenance are pushing this point further, going deeper to verify and factcheck beauty marketing to ensure it’s 100% credible. 

2. Purchasing Purposefully

Priorities have crystalised in recent years and consumers know what they want: meaning. They are selective, and with the cost of living, they have to be. Intentional purchases include multitasking products (The Super Elixir™ for example) products that are perceived to offer enormous value for the price (think of Revlon’s Lipstick Effect) as well as beauty and wellness that is for the greater good and meets ethical expectations. 

3. Skinmalism

Less, in 2023, is so much more. Some call it ‘Skinstreaming’, making clever beauty and wellness choices that do more and go further. The #notox movement is case in point. But it also taps into our everyday skincare. Instead of using multiple products, consumers will be expecting those key ingredients, in one. This also means the death of the #shelfie (perhaps, just for now) as not only have consumers lost interest in this type of marketing but they can also no longer really relate to it. Waste not, want not!

4. Beauty + Wellness As One

Our founder Elle Macpherson wrote about this convergence last year for Stellar magazine. 

“Beauty and wellness have (now) become widely acknowledged as one, embracing our relationships, businesses, resources and planet…I’ve learnt that wellness is the new beautiful, health is the new wealth, kindness is the new cool and inner peace is the new success.”

It is now commonly accepted that beauty and wellness is synonymous. And that by addressing the wellness of our systems directly, you are connecting with that unique beauty that permeates from only you. The kind that is activated when you are feeling well from the inside. Some call this ‘wellness-first beauty’, others ‘inside-out wellness. Our founder calls it beauty from within.


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