The Beauty of Motherhood: Dr. Simone Laubscher

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Welcome to The Beauty Of Motherhood, WelleCo's celebration of women who inspire us through their commitment to others, while still making the time to nurture their own wellbeing. Here they share the beauty and wellness rituals they rely on to cultivate self-love throughout their busy lives.

Dr. Simone Laubscher is a clinical nutritionist, naturopath and the formulator of WelleCo’s iconic greens powder, The Super Elixir™. She tells how she shares her wellness philosophy with her three children.

“Wellness to me is all about mind-body balance, where my life is in flow and I can be my true, authentic self. As a mother of three, often they’ll follow more of what I do than, what I say – so I lead by example as a role model, being authentic and present. I encourage my children to be comfortable in their own skin, as well as embracing healthy lifestyle habits like movement, eating well, prayer and meditation, so that they too can live a balanced and fabulous life.”