Simple Ways to Stay On Track After 30 Days Welle

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Easy tips that will turn your new routine into a self-love ritual

So you've come to the end of 30 Days Welle – congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself for looking after your health and wellbeing for an entire month, and have no doubt noticed the numerous benefits that come with nurturing your natural beauty through wellness.

Now it's time to cement that new habit as a cherished practise for life, long after the 30 days is over. So here are a few easy (and tasty!) tricks to help keep you on track and add variety to your The Super Elixir™ ritual.


1. Schedule it in

It might feel silly slotting in time for your daily dose of The Super Elixir™, but it will serve as a reminder of the ongoing commitment you’ve made to prioritise your wellbeing. Start your day off Welle by fitting it in first thing in the morning, even when you’re in a rush – just add two teaspoons to water in your WelleCo Hydrator Bottle, shake and go.

2. Make it part of your beauty regimen

Why not sip on The Super Elixir™ while you’re caring for your skin? Make your two teaspoons part of your daily routine by taking your ingestible beauty supplement while you apply your topical skincare products. You’ll be looking after your skin from the inside-out and creating a nurturing habit that will soon become an intuitive self-care ritual.

2. Your digestion will improve

If you’re prone to bloating, a few weeks of taking two teaspoons of The Super Elixir™ each day will soon improve your gut and digestion, allowing it to function at its optimal again. Give your stomach time to adjust – a little bloating during the first few weeks is completely normal – but you should notice changes relatively quickly. You’ll also notice your cravings for sugar will reduce, and you’ll feel more satisfied when you eat.

3. Be kind to yourself

Of course, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself when life gets in the way. Every small positive change you make creates momentum for more. So be kind to yourself if you fall off track, and simply try again tomorrow.

4. Mix it up

If you’re a longtime devotee of our original super greens powder, why not give our Lemon & Ginger, Unflavoured or Blood Orange options a go? Or use any number of the recipes on WelleCo’s journal to mix things up.


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