Ask Dr. Simonè: How essential is Magnesium?

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Spoiler alert: Very! Here’s why you need this mag-nificent essential mineral.


Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals in our body. It helps regulate more than 300 different functions, including muscle contraction and relaxation, blood sugar levels and heart rhythm. It also plays a role in stabilizing moods by balancing out serotonin. And yet so many of us just aren't getting enough.

Turns out, these days, only 1% of magnesium intake comes from food sources, which means we need to incorporate as much as we can through other means, be that supplements, baths, sprays or creams. Expert nutritionist and naturopath, Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD speaks to the magnificence of magnesium.   


How do you feel about magnesium?

“I love magnesium! Whenever I get asked, ‘What would you take to a deserted island?’, magnesium is my first choice because it's involved in thousands of enzyme pathways. The human body is made up of 11 systems and 100 trillion cells and magnesium is involved in almost every pathway. So it's absolutely essential. Today, with over farming, most and more people are low in magnesium. So it’s important to supplement magnesium because of the depletion in our soils.”


Why do we need it?

“Many reasons, but here’s one… When it comes to bone health for example, people associate that with calcium, but in the western world it’s actually rare for people to be deficient in calcium. The major cause of bone issues or osteoporosis even, is low magnesium. Magnesium keeps the calcium in the bone. So even if someone comes to me with osteoporosis, yes, we look at their calcium intake, but I'm even more excited about their magnesium intake. Because if the magnesium is not present helping the calcium to remain in that bone, the calcium just leaches out into the blood. That's when it enters the joints and you get joint pain, it goes around your arteries and you then get arteriosclerosis. It can even go around your intestinal tract and cause gut problems and other difficulties.”


Do you personally use it and what for?

I do I take magnesium most nights to sleep. I use it in my formulas because I believe in it.”


What is the most unusual benefit of magnesium?

“It's an essential mineral so most people know that it's necessary, but I think a lot of people don't realise that it's also really good for the gut and it relieves constipation (it’s important though to get the dose right as it can also cause diarrhea.) I think a lot of people are now learning that not only is it helpful for sleep, muscle relaxation and bones, it is also really good at helping keep you regular. 


Four lesser-known reasons you need it.


1.It’s been linked to immunity

Magnesium is a natural anti-inflammatory. When you're sick, your immune system will be working hard to fight off whatever it deems a potential threat. Magnesium helps keep those inflammatory responses under control so that they don't become too intense or prolonged.


2. It's good for your heart

It can help reduce high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. It's been shown to lower blood pressure by as much as 10 points in people with moderately elevated levels.


3.It can improve your mood

Magnesium is a natural relaxant. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, which can lead to better moods. Magnesium may also help with depression symptoms, including low energy levels, trouble sleeping and negative thoughts. Additionally, magnesium has been linked to improving cognitive function.


4.It can treat insomnia and anxiety

Magnesium also has a relaxing effect on the body. This may help with insomnia and anxiety.


The information in this article is not intended to be taken as medical advice. We recommend consulting your Healthcare Professional for advice on your supplement routine.