Elle's Eight Steps To A Good Morning

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Waking-up with Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson believes the start of her day sets the tone for the rest of it. From getting up with the sun to cold plunging, here’s how our founder does it.

1. Rinse and Hydrate

I like to start my day in the way I intend it to unfold. I’m usually up with the sun and the first thing I do is hydrate with filtered water and lime.

2. Connect to the Earth

I’ll then get outside and put my feet on the earth to ground.

3. Get Moving

I do some yoga in the morning sun, or Zach Bush’s 4 Minute Workout to get the nitric oxide going.

4. Take a Plunge

Afterwards I’ll do a cold plunge. I then set some great intentions for the day, shower and get ready.  

5. Rest Your Digestive System

I intermittent fast - something I’ve learnt a lot about through Dr. Mindy Peltz - and my eating window typically starts at around 11am.

6. Nourish Up

I break my fast with some greens, usually The Super Elixir™ in Blood Orange. It helps my sense of vitality, strengthens the immune system, supports the digestive system and gives my skin a healthy glow. Also, it seems to curb any sugar cravings, so my moods are more stable, and my diet is more balanced. I'll then have a sprout salad for lunch.

7. Take Microbreaks

I like to set the alarm every hour to do a couple of rounds of box breathing - taking microbreaks is so important.

8. Set Your Intention

My mornings don’t always go to plan but the intention to set the tone for a great day is always there.

*Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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