AskWelleCo: What can I expect from 30 Days Welle?

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WelleCo formulator Dr. Simone Laubscher Ph.D, a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, answers your questions about our new beauty through wellness program.

Q: I’ve seen the 30 Days Welle program and I want to sign up. What can I expect from the process?

A: The program is a great reset for your entire body, from your skin to your digestion. This is because from the very beginning of the program your body will go through a period of detox, during which point you may experience a reaction from the body, like a breakout on your skin or bloating.

Only a small amount of participants will experience it, but don’t give up if you’re part of that group – it’s just your body’s natural reaction and it often means you need the program more than the average person, as your body is processing a mass exodus of toxins. But most of the time, the body will simply respond as The Super Elixir™ ensures it has all the functional support it needs to cleanse and open up the detox pathways.

Of course everyone’s journey will be unique, but here’s an idea of what you can expect from 30 Days Welle.

Your skin will glow

Expect clear, glowing skin. During the initial period, some of my patients report the odd breakout but don’t be discouraged if you do – this is simply your body’s way of cleansing itself of toxins. Persevere and you will see it improve very quickly, with a healthy, radiant complexion waiting for you on the other side.

Your digestion will improve

If you’re prone to bloating, a few weeks of taking two teaspoons of The Super Elixir™ each day will soon improve your gut and digestion, allowing it to function at its optimal again. Give your stomach time to adjust – a little bloating during the first few weeks is completely normal – but you should notice changes relatively quickly. You’ll also notice your cravings for sugar will reduce, and you’ll feel more satisfied when you eat.

You’ll feel more energised

My patients tend to notice a boost in their energy levels first, usually well within the first week. By consistently taking The Super Elixir™, you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform, addressing and supporting all of its internal systems. Your immune system will also improve and minimise some symptoms of illness, like congestion.

You’ll feel more positive

There are definitely cognitive benefits to 30 Days Welle. You’ll start to experience mind clarity, which helps with concentration and focus, but you’ll also feel more motivated. Butt the time you’ve gotten into the groove one or two weeks in and have been consistently nourishing your, you’ll be in a great headspace and feel more positive to push through and keep up with your new daily routine.