The power plant that can supercharge your sex drive

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This mysterious vegetable has been coveted by the Incans for at least three centuries. Now the Western world is waking up to its powers. Have you?

A wonderous and delicious root vegetable with the ability to boost energy and increase sex drive? Meet Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng - a native plant to the Andes region of Peru that is stealing headlines worldwide for its ability to boost energy and sex drive.

Here’s why…

It’s a natural aphrodisiac

Maca powder is ground from the Maca plant, which has grown in Peru for thousands of years. It has long been used for its libido-enhancing qualities, with Incan imperial warriors consuming large quantities of Maca before battle to increase their strength and virility. Todaystudies showthat it may alleviate some forms of sexual dysfunction whilstincreasing sperm count and fertility in men.

Maca Root is a hero ingredient in WelleCo Men’s Libido + Endurance and Women’s Libido + Hormone SupportSUPER BOOSTERS. Experts believe its libido-enhancing effects are produced by its unique long-chain fatty acids, known as macaenes and macamides, which are not found in any other plant.

Additionally, for those experiencing chronic stress, the adaptogen effects of Maca have been shown to reduce some of the load on the body’s endocrine system. This is relevant to libido, as research tells us that when people are stressed out to the max, it is sex drive that will often suffer.

It is the perfect coffee alternative

No, Maca doesn’t contain caffeine, but research shows its rich nutrient profile has the ability to energise the body and stabilise blood sugar levels. All without the enevitable peaks and crashes our lattes and espressos provide.

It is super-nutritious. And tasty.

Extremely potent and rich in nutrients, just 2.5 grams of Maca Root powder contains around 10 percent of daily iron needs, 10 percent of daily recommended vitamin C, and 15 percent of copper we require. Whilst potent, it is also delicious with a predominantly earthy, nutty taste with hints of malt and caramel, making it the perfect addition to smoothies and juices.

It’s a hormone balancer

The Maca root is one of the rare plants that can be categorised as a ‘herbal adaptogen,’ meaning that it can directly alter the balance of your body’s hormones to help you adapt to stress and illness. Unlike hormone replacement therapy or antidepressants, Maca has been shown to help equalise the body’s own production of various hormones, increasing or decreasing their levels according to your individual needs. This reduces the unhealthy trickle-down effects that stress can have on your cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous and reproductive systems, helping to prevent you from getting to the stage of adrenal exhaustion.