Miranda Kerr X Elle Macpherson Wellness Wednesday

Get your fix of wellness and things that inspire us.

Miranda speaks to the iconic model and businesswoman—Elle Macpherson—on how to find Beauty through Wellness, as they discuss their chosen avenues for a healthy glow, inside and out.

Miranda: Welcome Elle, I am grateful to speak with you on all thing’s health and wellness.

Elle is also a fellow Australian, a mother of two, and a successful entrepreneur of many businesses. She is the Founder of WelleCo, a plant-based beauty, supplements and powders for skin, energy and health.

Firstly, you have been an inspiration to me for many years. You were the first person in the industry to create your own business. It’s such an incredible journey you have been on!


Elle: Thank you. I have had an interesting career spanning over 40 years since 1982. I have been so lucky to be able to diversify in so many areas – and now building and running WelleCo. It’s been an extraordinary journey.


Miranda: It’s been very inspiring for me to watch. The fact that you got out there and followed your passions, that’s what it’s all about. I encourage so many young people to the same thing.


Elle: That’s what I say to my sons: Find what you love in life and do it. A: You’re going to love it, and B: You’re not going to feel like you’re not working. I love what I do. It’s not about the end game. For me, every day is a beautiful journey and has a challenge. That’s what inspires me. The journey is the destination, I guess.

I think purposeful business and or have a purposeful life is one of the cornerstones of happiness.



Miranda: I believe “health is wealth,” and you are very much into health too! I feel when you take care of yourself and feel energized, you can give so much more in every area of your life.


Elle: Absolutely, and you experience and give more. We talk about it at WelleCo as being “beauty through wellness.” Meaning. when you are well, you exude a certain sort of beauty. You not only have great skin from the inside out, because your cells and digestion are functioning well, but you have an aura; an energy and sense of vitality; a sense of willingness and courage that comes from feeling strong within and from being well.


Miranda: To me it’s about balance too. I often think to myself: What can I do today, that will help me give back to my children, and to my business? For me, one of those things is celery juicing, and I saw recently that you are into juicing as well.


Elle: I'm into wheat grass juicing at the moment but I go through phases of celery juice. I know you're a big fan of the Medical Medium.


Miranda: Yes, I pretty much follow his food and recipes.



Elle: He’s definitely onto something there. I am currently juicing wheatgrass as it is so nutrient and oxygen dense. I have two ounces of wheatgrass, 2-4 times a day. You have to build up to it because it is an acquired taste, and it really kickstarts the body.

I like to say: Start as you mean to go on. I think the first few steps in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you mess up, don’t write the whole day off. It’s never too late to start again. You can even go back to bed for a minute and restart your day the way you want to. Perhaps with a little prayer and meditation, a little hot water and lemon and a juice to start or whatever it is that you want to do for your day.


Miranda: It’s interesting as we have quite similar beliefs—you’re also into yoga and meditation!


Elle: I think that's being Australian. We have a deep connection to nature, which is part of our heritage. A respect for the earth, and ourselves. We know that sunlight, clean water, clean air, daily movement, peace, are part of nature’s beauty. Connection to our friends and family—those are the values that we hold so profoundly strong in Australia.


Miranda: I like to do a meditation where I go outside and put my palms up to the sun and focus on the solar rays energizing every cell of my body. I find it such a rejuvenating way to reconnect to nature and to myself. What types of meditations do you like to do?



Elle: I like to do a whole lot of different ones. The sun one you mentioned is a wonderful one; I do a similar one early in the morning when the sun is rising. I work with the third eye which goes back to your pineal gland, while keeping my eyes closed. I breathe in the energy of the sun and see myself completely bathed in healing light and vitamin D.


It’s more of an ethereal type of meditation but on a very practical sense there's a wonderful app called Breathe. You can curate a whole collection of meditations to help what you need to work on. Interestingly, I don’t look for solutions as I meditate, but I find when I meditate, I often find solutions. How does meditation influence you in your life?


Miranda: I feel like for me, even when I take 5-10 minutes, I feel more energized. I like the Insight Timer app. I find it helps me calm my mind and reconnect to my heart space.


Elle: It's very important for our own personal and spiritual growth. As you said, with the running mind—we can't see our reflection in running water. If we can't see our reflection, we can't see where we need to grow. Being self-aware is so important in creating the life that you want to live. Firstly, being aware of yourself, your purpose, dreams, aims, ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, and the things that you're learning in life. When you can become aware of yourself, you're more capable of making changes to move you towards that vision—but when you’re so busy you can’t see that, so finding quiet time is important as well.


Miranda: Yes, that’s very important. You have a sleep tea, right?



Elle: Yes, it is curated with wonderful herbs like valerian, hops, camomile, that are medicinal quality. It comes in a beautiful, refillable caddy so you just buy the bags when you need them. You can take one or two tea bags before you go to bed, or even during the day if you're feeling really stressed during the day.


Your Royal Albert teacups are so beautiful by the way. What a great collaboration. I used to have tea at my Nana's house. We would have the perfect teapot and teacup, with English Breakfast tea and sugar. Drinking tea is such a good little ritual, and it was part of my childhood growing up!


Miranda: It’s the same with my Nana and tea.


Elle: I can see why you created the line now!


It is part of my three-step program. I take my Super Elixir greens first thing in the morning, just one or two teaspoons in my water bottle and shake. Then Protein Powder in almond or oat milk with avocado—which is a great snack in the mornings or afternoons or as a meal replacement. Then the tea in the evening.


The Elixir has adaptogens, mushrooms, multivitamins, minerals with 45 ingredients and those ingredients are like your “one and done.” It’s extremely simple, efficient, and powerful. I take it to ensure my foundation nourished.


Miranda: Wow, and you talk about alkaline right? And that's what your Super Elixir does?



Elle: It really helps you with alkalinity. Now why is alkalinity important?


Dr Simone Laubscher, who has helped me formulate the Super Elixir, drew my attention to the concept of inflammation in the body. As well as how inflammation and being acidic is the root cause for most sicknesses, from arthritis to cancer.


If we flood our bodies with more plants we reduce the amount of animal proteins, dairy, and grains. When we get more sleep, drink more water, and eat more green vegetables, we have a real possibility of lowering our capacity of getting ill. Keeping a plant-based diet low in inflammation, is a secret to long-lasting health. Beauty too, because when our systems are inflamed it really shows on our face.


There are a few wonderful books by my friend, Dr. Will Cole. The Inflammation Spectrum, Intuitive Fasting, and another Ketotarian.



Miranda: Are you 100% plant based? I’m trying to be but it's a little tricky because I grew up eating meat.


Elle: It is tricky. It also depends on our blood type. If you’re an O blood type, you crave meat. I don’t know if you follow the blood type diet?


Miranda: I used to follow it a lot, I am an A positive.


Elle: A types run very well being totally plant-based. I’m raw vegan and quite strictly at the moment. I eat a lot of sprouts: broccoli sprouts, pea sprouts, and sunflower sprouts; and then a lot of vegetables. I also make my own oat milk, chia milk, and almond milk. I’m really into it.


Miranda: That's amazing and what about coffee?



Elle: Oh golly, don’t talk to me about coffee! I had a bit of a coffee addiction going. The Cuban coffee here is just insane. It's so good and so bad for you; it’s so inflammatory but so delicious.Although I have now kicked my coffee habit. I'm so proud of myself. I prepare jars of freshly squeezed lemon and ginger to put in hot water in the morning and it has taken away my coffee craving.

I wake up and crave the lemon and ginger; and I feel so energized. With a wheatgrass juice, coffee pales in significance. Replacing coffee has taken some time and finding something that made me feel as good as having coffee has taken many years!


Miranda: It's been so hard for me to say goodbye to coffee. At the moment I’m trying dandelion.


Elle: That’s good and so is chicory.


Miranda: How do you make your morning lemon and ginger tea?


Elle: I make two cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice with many thumbs of ginger; always organic.

I wash the lemons, cut them in half and juice them and the ginger—it makes a concentrate and I store in a large jar. Then when I wake, I mix it with hot water.



Miranda: Do you have honey with it?


Elle: No, I don't have honey in my diet; I use green stevia if I need some sweetening.


Miranda: What about maple syrup?


Elle: No maple syrup either. I use coconut nectar sometimes in cooking for a little sweetness. I know people are saying wonderful things about propolis and honey at the moment. It's quite the thing, but I am pretty strict with my diet.

I feel different. I feel so much better. I'm clearer thinking, I’m more balanced, I’m happier. I highly recommend it—it's worth the effort.



Elle: I think having a healthy attitude to the choices you make is just as important. There is no doubt that what you put in your mouth and digested in your stomach has a huge effect on everything outside of our body too. That's why I’m so passionate about ingestible beauty and plant-based meals promoting beauty from the inside.

Not only does it support inner wellness, but the beautiful biproduct is that it is reflected on the outside.

So, you know you look better, and you feel better too—and for me that's a double win.


Miranda: I think there's something to be said about making choices, and to embrace it. Even if you might not feel you have made a healthy choice at the time. You can choose to make a healthy choice for you next meal. Do you ever have a glass of wine?



Elle: I’m 17 years sober. I had my fair share of glasses of wine and got sober in 2003. I haven't had any drugs or alcohol since then.


Miranda: Wow, that's amazing and I bet you feel good!


Elle: It's a way of life now and I'm really grateful that I didn't go down the path that I was going down for too long. I had an opportunity to re-evaluate my life on every level: emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Miranda: That's amazing and by the way your hair is incredible do you have any tips for us?



Elle: Nourishing your body properly. Taking my greens daily is important, and really the first thing I noticed was improvement in my hair, skin, and nails. It’s really important to start from the inside out and to find good organic products.

I switch my shampoos around a lot. Whole Foods has a great vegan seaweed line or for something more luxurious I go for Oribe shampoos and conditioners.


For texture I go back to the old Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray and Sam McKnight in London has some wonderful products too. So yes, start from the inside with how you nourish yourself and choose clean, organic products.



Elle: I’m an advocate for KORA Organics. I'm loving the Milky Mushroom Oil Cleanser. It's so, so, so good!


Miranda: I love how you need to shake it to activate it and turn it into that milky texture.


Elle: It's fantastic and I love that you've done it in glass because that way there is no plastic toxicity and it's great for the environment.


The Sleeping Mask is super chic! I love this mask. It is the moon mask. When I wake up my skin is incredible.


Miranda: It is a moon mask. I put that mask on every night. It leaves my skin bouncy.


Elle: And really plump, and glowing. Great packaging too. Well done you.


Miranda: Ah, thank you. I’m very specific with the packaging as I can tell you are too with your products.



Elle: You can see the care you have taken with your messaging with your packaging, it's all very you. I love that it's an authentic business.

Did you start it with your mom?


Miranda: No, just me. But my mom was using the products, and she worked with me for a little time because she got incredible results with her skin. She had bad rosacea and the doctor had given hersteroid cream. She felt really embarrassed to even leave the house, so I gave her the Noni Glow Face Oil and it completely transformed her skin.

She was so happy she wanted to get involved, so, she worked with me for a little while. My dad too, and my brother. My brother is still working with me. There was a point in time, my mom, dad, brother, uncle, and aunt were all working together on KORA Organics.


Elle: How wonderful it is to have a family business! It has been a dream of mine. I look at my sons as being part of the family business. I was speaking to my 18-year-old son last night—both my sons go to business school—and he was asking about my cogs and ebitda. It was hilarious, and I thought, I am going to bring you in on the business.


Miranda: I say the same thing to my son, Flynn. He likes to help me with the packaging of our products. He’s quite an artist even at 10-years-old and he really likes to get involved in the process of trialling and testing the products.

I actually have used all the products on the kids since they were young. For example, the Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Balm, and Face Oil. They completely soothe their skin.


Elle: Do you have a kid’s line?


Miranda: No because I have used KORA on them ever since they were born. It’s a very good way to nurture their skin, in a very gentle way! Also, it is Certified Organic through EcoCert & Cosmos too, so I trust it.


Elle: I know how hard that is to be Certified Organic!



Elle: They say having kids is the gift that keeps on giving. I love being a parent. Parenting for me has been the most extraordinary journey and experience. It really brought to focus one of my purposes in life, which is to be a loving guide and mentor for my kids. It’s been so rewarding. Every phase of their life is another gift and it's just been so extraordinary.


Miranda: It’s amazing. Taking care of my little ones and watching everything that they learn do, and how they grow every day blows my mind. The things they come up with and the way they see the world is so inspiring. They teach me to be even more in the moment, which is something I think we can all learn from!


Elle: Absolutely, a lot of people ask me: How do you balance everything being a mother, a businesswoman, and looking after yourself? I feel it's very important that we focus on quality not quantity; quality time immersed in what we are doing rather than multitasking. Quality parenting is extremely important when I’m with my kids, it doesn't have to be 24/7 but when I’m there, I’m totally present—and that's been so rewarding.


Miranda: Yes, and as you would know, being a working mom, there are so many times when we let guilt will slip in. Many times, I have thought I need to be with my kids, or how hard it is to balance my working life—however I do think it's important they understand and recognize that work is a part of life


Elle: Yes, and sometimes kids evolve better without having you all over them. In those times apart they learn to be self-sufficient, self-responsible, and self-reliable. I found that all the way through their childhood; they would blossom when I wasn't there. To me, kids survive and do well when we're not with them all the time. Which is good to know for all those that suffer from guilt as a mom, because guilt can make you sick.


Miranda: My mom was a working mother and I think that's what instilled in me my work ethic. Both my parents were working and luckily, I had my grandma there. She was a really nice stay-at-home mom, and grandmom, and she loved being with us. She’s the one that taught me so much about health and wellness, helping me shape who I am today.  


Elle: So, you got both traits from your mom and from your grandmother. My mother is still working at the back end of 70!


Miranda: I’m very grateful for you Elle, sharing your amazing knowledge and tips and tricks with us!

Until next time everyone, take care, and look after yourself!


Much love,


Miranda xxx