Elle's Top Hair Tips

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As a supermodel and pioneer in the ingestible beauty space, Elle Macpherson knows a thing or two about thick, healthy hair.


While you might know her as The Body, she’s almost as well-known for her signature cascading blonde happening hair. But her hair hasn’t always been as healthy, thick and long as it is now. After struggling with her wellbeing, Elle discovered the transformative power ofThe Super Elixir™, which led her to found WelleCo in 2014.


Since then, her aim has been to support others on their journey so that they too can experience the incredible benefits of beauty through wellness. It was this philosophy, and Elle’s own hair journey, that inspired The Hair Elixir, WelleCo’s new convenient vegan capsules designed to maintain thick, healthy hair and supports new hair growth. At last, healthy hair… for everybody. From styling to daily care, here are some of the best hair tips we’ve learned from Elle.


1. Begin within

Of course, as the founder of WelleCo, Elle believes the best beauty secret is what you put inside your body. “I believe in giving my body what it needs to flourish and, after years of damaging heat styling and extensions, I realised my hair needed help". The Hair Elixir, has been designed to support hair growth, thickness and strength. Just two capsules dailyhelps maintain healthy hair follicles, assists the body in adapting to stress* and supports a healthy thyroid gland function. All the while, boosting your body with powerful minerals and adaptogens to fast-track growth.


2. Protect your hair from UV damage

It’s not just your skin that needs shielding from the sun. Your hair actually requires protection too, particularly if it’s coloured or prone to damage. As an Aussie, Elle is naturally a lover of sunshine and fresh air, spending as much time as she can outdoors enjoying the natural vitamin D. But she keeps both her skin and her hair protected from harmful rays by wearing a hat. “I wear a big cowboy hat to protect my hair (and my face) from the sun whenever I'm at the beach,” she says.


3. Wash every other day

Washing your hair too often can actually be counter-productive, as your hair needs the nourishment of its natural oils to function at its best. Elle washes her hair “every other night or two to three days, which gives both you and your hair a break.” Instead of blow drying her hair, Elle twists it into a top knot to allow it to dry naturally, which then loosens into a natural wave.


4. Embrace your natural beauty

It’s fun to experiment with hair, but often our most flattering colour is the one we were born with. “I've been through periods where I've been super blonde, which wasn’t the best look, but I thought it was brilliant at the time,” Elle says. “Today I'm much happier being more natural. I’m lucky that I don’t have any grey hair so my hairdresser and I decided to let my natural colour show through at the roots. I love it!”


5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Your pillowcase can actually cause a lot of damage as your hair can catch on the material as you sleep, which can lead to brittle hair and breakage. To keep her hair smooth and tangle-free during the night, Elle sleeps on a soft, silk pillowcase.“Research shows that with a silk pillowcase, the hair and skin ‘slip’ rather than grab onto the fabric – which is said to mean fewer knots and wrinkles in the long term,” she says. Try a silk pillowcase alongside ourThe Skin Elixir capsules.


7. Make your hair loss, your hair gain

Since COVID-19 hit, hair loss has become a well-chronicled issue the world over. It has beensaid that COVID-related hair shedding can begin approximately two to three months after catching it and last about three to six months. The technical term istelogen effluvium and it involves excess hair fall out due to brushing or showering. The reason it occurs post-COVID is due to the physical stress on the body which disrupts the normal hair growth cycle. Other symptoms like high fevers, emotional stress and nutritional deficiencies also contribute to this disruption. Opt for adaptogens like rhodiola whichhelp the body adapt to stress.


8.What are your top tips when it comes to hair care?

-The best hair treatment is what you put inside your body – The Super Elixir™ + The Hair Elixir.

-Use organic, natural, clean Shampoos and Conditioners. As I already have chemically treated hair, I don’t want to compound that by putting more chemicals on my head.

-Avoid using hot styling tools when you don’t need to. Natural is best.


1. WelleCo, The Hair Elixir

2.Josh Wood Colour, The Miracle System

3.Mason Pearson, Pure Board Bristle Brush

4. Dr. Barbara SturmBalancing Shampoo andSerum (My boys swear by theAnti Fall Shampoo andSerum.)

5.Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

6.iGK styling tools



Hair signature? Natural, sexy, rock-n-roll vibe

Pin straight or wild and wavy? My natural hair is stock straight! I prefer wavy all the way! My hair is happiest post-sea.

Biggest hair disaster? I got my hair stuck in a brush while blow drying and it took a day to get it out! And once I got chewing gum stuck in a huge clump of hair and we had to cut it out leaving strange, asymmetrical layers.

A good hair day for me means my hair is…Natural and nourished.

My recipe for feel-good hair is…Good sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, great clean hair products like Dr Sturm’sMolecular Hair and Scalp Collection and a little ingestible beauty.

Healthy or unhealthy? Generally, I’ve enjoyed healthy hair. However, it has been damaged through years of modelling. I’ve put it through hell and back. I’ve noticed that when my nutrition is good, sleep is good, cortisol levels are low, it really boosts the quality and the thickness of my hair.

Funny hair moment? I remember putting Sun-in in my hair when I was 18, right before a Sports Illustrated shoot. It turned orange! I was mortified!

Surprising hair trick that works? Washing with a beer!

Hair in the sun? In summer, it’s all about moisture packs and my hair tucked-up in a hat.

Hair in a snowstorm? In winter, I’m usually in braids so it doesn’t fly away while skiing.

Hair inspirations?Margot Robbie

Fave hair guru down under?Back home in Australia, I go to the Joey Scandizzo Salon. Joey has this magnetic energy, passion for making you look and feel your best, and knows how to enhance your face shape with the perfect style, which for me means groomed and sexy.


*Based on traditional use in Eastern European herbal medicine.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Every individual is different, results may vary.


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