Why do Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow take The Super Elixir™?

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For the modern woman wanting to address skin health and accelerated ageing, a quality beauty regime is essential.


The Super Elixir™ is a complex one-shot formulation designed to support a healthier endocrine system, from your gut to your skin to your energy.


“Each premium ingredient in The Super Elixir™ is added in scientifically calculated ratios, designed to work together to support all 11 systems of the body. Many people believe it encourages cellular renewal and therefore helps with anti-ageing. When all of our 11 body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state. Since taking The Super Elixir™, my workouts are strong, I've lost weight, I don't have sugar cravings and my energy levels are better than ever.” - WelleCo Founder, Elle Macpherson


Why do Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow take The Super Elixir™?


“I just got Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir™ which I just started using. It’s a green powder, put it in with water or coconut water and it has all your supplements – nutrients, and vitamins – and it actually tastes delicious!” - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


“I like juicing as it gives you bright eyes with a bit of a twinkle and it keeps your hair shiny. And at the moment I'm using Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir™ Greens supplement. I add it to my juices.” - Kate Moss


“Not only does it have great health benefits that support beauty from the inside out, it also gives me tons of energy and has greatly improved my digestion. I either drink it in a shaker bottle with water in the morning or add it to my morning smoothie.” - Bobbi Brown


“I’m a big believer in good gut health. I know if I nourish my body with clean nutrients for inner wellness, it will show on the outside.”- Gwyneth Paltrow


“Ingestibles are big news at the moment, simply because people are seeing real results when they take them religiously. I’ve been quaffing The Super Elixir™ every day for the past 18 months, because I know it nourishes my stressed tired complexion from the inside out. Late evenings, inadequate nutrition, poor water intake - two teaspoons mixed into a glass of water is all it takes to compensate for all of the above. Bright skin, reduced inflammation and pepped up energy levels. What’s not to love?” - Eugenie Kelly, Harper’s BAZAAR deputy editor and beauty & features director.


“There was something about the combination of a small positive change (I could handle adding two easy scoops of a vitamin-filled powder to water on even my laziest, most stressed mornings, it turns out) and the daily intentionality of supporting myself, rather than fighting with myself, that appealed my creature-of-habit personality. It set me up for the day — just like making my bed does.” - Amelia Diamond, Man Repeller


“I kept a jar of the powder at my desk at all times, so I could toss the two daily tablespoons into a green juice in case I ran out of time to make a smoothie at home. It was an effortless addition, and I actually relished the feeling that I was giving my body exactly what it needs but rarely gets.” - Hannah Baxter, Coveteur.com


“When you feeling old and broken down, this can become your Friday afternoon cocktail. Delicious greens supplement from Australia, found on @netaporter. Expensive, but worth it because it's pure. There is a WelleCo The Super Elixir™ Greens refill bag that is less expensive on same page. No, this is not an ad. I just like it and think it's cool that a greens drink can actually taste great while not being full of sweeteners.” - Jessica Seinfeld


“Boosts Immunity and gives you more energy than a busy toddler. Looks like pond water but tastes like lemon. Thank goodness.” - Tatler



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