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The ultimate jetsetter, co-founder Elle Macpherson is constantly on-the-go.

Here are her favourite places to visit, best travel tips and stylish must-haves for globe-trotting like a pro.

Your most loved vacation destination?

Australia! I love Byron Bay, especially surfing with the dolphins and catching up with my friends there. In Sydney, I head to Bondi Beach, especially the Bondi to Bronte run. It’s a favourite. I also love the Northern beaches, Palm Beach and Avalon for its wild Aussie expanse and the simplicity and beauty of Cronulla Beach. Harbour Island in the Bahamas is also a special place for my boys and I

On your bucket list?

Cuba, Argentina, Kakadu Australia, and Northern India.

Top spa?

I’m not a spa girl - I’m more of a wellness girl. It’s not about beautifying, but it’s more about wellness and being toned and moisturized with soft skin. One of my favourite places to go is Hippocrates in Florida - raw vegan and lifestyle refreshing is their specialty. I also love Chenot in Austria, and Cal-a-Vie in San Diego.

Your vacation style?

Hippy-chic meets surfer-girl.

3 packing essentials?

Without fail my WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN Travel Set. It is my go-to snack and means that no matter where the day takes me, my body has all the nutrients it needs.

I always have sunglasses in my handbag. I believe style isn’t about fads that come and go – it’s about finding something that suits you and works for you. Persoland Tom Ford are two of my favourite brands. They’re equally great on a beach holiday or a trip for business.

I also try to remember to wear broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen every day, mainly to protect me from the sun reflecting off the ocean. La Roche-Posay makes good sunscreens, and I also like Invisible Zinc, which is a physical sunscreen.

Your packing advice?

Hand luggage! I use a Rimowa cabin bag and feel so free if I can fit everything in for a week’s travel. It means planning and choosing only my favorite things that mix and match. It’s so refreshing not to have too much stuff.

How do you get ready for a beach holiday?

Exfoliating, moisturising, and hydrating are key for getting my body ready for the beach. Because skin is the No.1 detox organ, I prioritise exfoliating once a day. I dry brush from the toes-up for circulation and I love our WelleCo Japanese Salt Scrub. It is formulated with sea salt, rice bran, aloe vera and green tea extract derived from Camellia sinesis leaves. I use it to stimulate skin microcirculation, purify, improve tone and reduce inflammation. I like to apply in a circular motion, massaging firmly with my palm working downward from below the chest before rinsing.

The one beauty product you can’t live without?

I always start my day with 2 teaspoons of WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens. It is formulated with 45 unique botanicals that balance the body and give my skin a radiant glow. It was formulated with Dr Laubscher PhD and our leading Australian formulators who looked at the average imbalances of an adult and thought about what specific ingredients she could include to support and balance all 11 systems. Some of the key ingredients are horsetail and omega-3 for hair, skin and nails, probiotics and prebiotics to support the entire digestive system, and shitake and maitake mushrooms that when combined, are great for immune function. Her considered approach has made the SUPER ELIXIR the ultimate multivitamin.

What fashion trend do you always like to wear?

I always feel inspired by classic French girl chic.

What is your airport style?

Jeans, flats, Hermés Birkin or Debonair basket, cashmere scarf that acts as a blanket, t-shirts by Isabel Marant and cashmere knits by Brunello Cucinelli.

Do you have any beauty tips for flying?

Being properly hydrated when traveling makes a huge difference to health, energy, vitality and immune system. It helps cleanse the digestive system, ignite my metabolism and buffer excess acids. I keep my regime super simple and always nourish my body from the inside out. For me, beauty comes from the inside out - so first things first - SUPER ELIXIR Greens - I always have the travel sachets in my makeup bag for quick pick me ups.

I increase my water intake as well and slather on Dr Sebagh Rose De Vie Serum.It is my go-to when travelling. It is packed with natural rosehip oil and leaves a very fine film over the skin. I also pack Lost Explorer skin care products, the packaging is ‘perfect travel size’ as well as being super-efficient skin care.

What are your swimwear go-tos?

I don’t tend to follow trends, especially when it comes to swimwear. My constant go-to is a bikini by Melissa Odabash or a Norma Kamali high-cut one-piece bathing suit. When I want to cover up, I wear surf leggings. Roxy makes a good pair that are very thin material. I team with Isabel Marant slides, Majorcan handmade leather sandals or authentic French espadrilles and my wide-brimmed ‘Elle’ Cowboy hat by Melissa Odabash.

Happy travels!

Love Elle x