Creating Interior Wellness In Your Space

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From small tweaks to big shifts, here are a few ways that you can cultivate wellness from within your home

We place great value on our health and wellbeing, from the practices that brings us mental balance and clarity, to the physical ways we condition and care for our bodies. But do you ever consider the impact the spaces you spend your time in could be having on your overall wellness?

Studies have demonstrated that we are a product of our environment, which is the central ethos of the latest movement – interior wellness. It makes sense when you think about it; that your mindset and happiness could be linked to where you spend most of your time.

The good news is that if you’re finding that your space perhaps isn’t serving your wellbeing as it could, there are numerous positive changes that you can make. From small tweaks to big shifts, here are a few ways that you can cultivate interior wellness in your abode.

Invite the outdoors in

Sunlight and nature have been proven beneficial in bettering our moods, as it speaks to our intrinsic biophilic tendencies as humans – that is, the notion that we seek out the elements of the natural world to feel a sense of connection to the planet.


Create the feeling of an indoor-outdoor flow within your home by playing with light. If your space doesn’t offer much in the way of natural sunlight, fake it with a LED lamp that mimics the sun. If budget permits, you can also renovate your space to incorporate more windows that capture sunlight throughout the day.

Plants can also go a long way in improving our correlation to the outdoors, plus they naturally filter the air of pollutants. Fill as much of your space with lush greenery as you can, from a veggie patch to a few strategically placed pot plants.

Choose soothing tones and finishes

Colour therapy has been used for centuries to aid illnesses and disorders, lessen pain, and improve mental and emotional health. Take the same approach to your abode by choosing soft, relaxing shades for your space where you can, which gives you the ability to add depth to different rooms. Lighter colours, for example, can help to open smaller spaces, while deeper tones can create feelings of intimacy and warmth.

Natural materials, such as timber, are also said to provide a soothing contrast on floors, walls, even your roof. An easier option could be to invest in wooden side tables or other decorative homewares with a natural finish to create a similar feeling.

Curved shapes are also said to benefit our wellbeing, allowing the eye to travel easily through the space and promoting a wholesome, tranquil air that leaves us feeling better than before.

Create a sacred space

Find a space in your abode that can act as your sanctuary. For some, this could be a home gym that you visit each morning, while for others it might just be a comfy reading chair. Either way, you’ll want to make it a relaxing, uncluttered space that allows you to decompress whenever you need a bit of respite from everyday stress.


Keep it free from technology to allow your mind to switch off without distractions and tie it to other nurturing rituals that serve your wellbeing. It might even be the bathroom, where you do your skincare routine and set your intentions for the day – make it feel even more special by lighting a candle and sipping on your daily dose of The Super Elixir™ to create a comforting moment to nourish your beauty through wellness.

Make sure you keep some of your most treasured possessions within the space too, such as mementos or photographs, to inject your own unique experiences.

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