An Interview with Tuula Vintage on Eating Well and Motherhood

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Popular Australian boho blogger, Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage, chats to WelleCo about eating well, taking time out from travel, and life with baby Rumi.

Over the past few years you’ve been best known for travelling across the globe and documenting about it all on your blog. How have you personally stayed healthy and active while living out of a suitcase or on planes?

I always found the best way to see a new place you’re in is by foot. Getting out walking around town allows you to both feel better while adjusting to the climate and time zone, but also get to know things that you might miss while driving or on public transport, like local markets or hidden alleyways. There are usually great hikes or walks to do that incorporate being active while seeing the sights. I also like to book an apartment with a kitchen whenever possible, having access to home cooking with local produce can make an incredible difference compared to eating out all day every day.

After all those years of travelling you’re now staying at home to focus on family life. Do you ever miss living on the road?

I think too much of anything isn’t good. I have been incredibly lucky to travel, see and experience all that I have over the years but sometimes you need to have a break to let it all sink in. Our last adventure was a road trip through New Zealand’s stunning South Island, reminding me that some of the most beautiful experiences don’t have to be too far from home. We’re excited to explore again but closer to home, when my daughter is ready. It is crazy to think that I haven’t been on a plane in over a year now!

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! What is the most surprising thing about becoming a mother?

Thank you so much! Everyone tries to tell you of the overwhelming love you will suddenly feel for this tiny human you have made, but it still surprises me every single day.

Tell us about your beautiful daughter, Ru.

Our daughter Rumi is larger than life! She is cheeky, energetic and above all resilient. You will barely ever see her without a huge smile on her face.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a mother in the first few months?

I think the most challenging aspect for myself as a mother was that our journey has been vastly different to those around me. Everyone seemed to be part of this “Mum Life” group that I couldn’t relate to, that felt like a club that all everyone simply assumed I was part of but in reality wasn’t invited to. If an expecting mum asks me for advice I just remind them that every journey is different. Every child is different. You need to focus on finding what works best for your family, prioritise the health of your baby above all and you will find your own way.

You have mentioned taking THE SUPER ELIXIR. How long have you taken it for and what benefits do you feel?

I’ve been taking THE SUPER ELIXIR for around 3 months now. My partner and I were looking for something to help us feel better while living in hospital away from home, as coffees and fast food quickly become the easiest option. We changed our morning routine to have THE SUPER ELIXIR with coconut water and found ourselves having more energy for the day, and craving healthier meal options.

What measures are you taking now to care for yourself?

At the moment we are living back at home, but have frequent overnight stays in Emergency that can take a toll on energy, and several appointments through the week. It can be difficult to allocate any time to yourself as a parent of an additional needs baby, but I find the most simple things can often help the most - buying groceries at the local Farmers Market each weekend, going for a walk together, even if only around the block, having someone watch our daughter while we take a midday nap, and dive in the ocean any chance we get. I recently had a massage (after sleeping in hospital beds or chairs for a year) and felt like a new human.

What are your favourite ways to take the THE SUPER ELIXIR?

I love making a super greens smoothie each morning with coconut water, 2 teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR, frozen bananas, kale or spinach, and coconut flakes.

Does your husband take it and if so, does he have a preferred way of taking his daily dose?

Funnily enough my partner prefers a smoothie bowl! He puts a bowl of the smoothie that I make into the freezer, then decorates it with whatever fruit and extras are in the kitchen. His favourite toppings would probably be fresh figs, pistachios and coconut flakes.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

Hopefully enjoying time together at home, or travelling to new parts of Australia with my daughter.