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For WelleCo and founder Elle Macpherson, each March brings an annual reminder to go within, to be mindful and to celebrate the love, laughter, balance and super greens that connect us through wellness for another year.


On 28 March 2024, as WelleCo marks its tenth trip around the sun –– and our founder turns 60 the very next day –– we all feel like we’ve only just got started!


Over the past 10 years since Elle publicly brought WelleCo to the world, the collaboration has become renowned and the core values on which WelleCo was founded remain our guiding light. Please click to watch Elle speak about WelleCo’s founding values below.


WelleCo epitomises the same true blue authenticity Elle has personified globally for decades. Our devotion to the natural realm and to the impeccable quality of every detail in all that we do is also aligned with how our founder lives her own life.


A palpable quest to reveal and empower the real beauty that resides in everyone, and bring it forward for the greater good is testimony to both our brand and our founder’s essence, resulting in every award and accolade gratefully received to date. We’ve achieved a lot in little time, but no compliment comes close to being chosen by our growing WelleCommunity as your partners in wellness. We celebrate this double milestone with you. Naturally.


“A decade ago, on the eve of my 50th birthday, the vision of WelleCo was unveiled to the world. I declared then, and stand by it even more resolutely now, that real beauty emanates from within. As we mark the birth of WelleCo this March, coinciding with my 60th birthday, we are delighted to reflect upon this double milestone. I urge you to also ponder your own invaluable past experiences, embrace the precious gifts they represent, and forge a future brimming with love and joy, heartfelt intentions and meaningful actions. As we embark on this journey together, I extend an invitation to plan and create a far-reaching fulfilling future of shared growth and wellness. Join me, won't you?” — WelleCo founder, Elle Macpherson.


WelleCo 10 Years On

  • Founded in 2014, the Australian-born company is a pioneer in the ingestible wellness and beauty category.  
  • Ten years on, the brand now sells 17 plant-based elixirs across the skin, hair, body, mind and kids categories.
  • WelleCo’s collection is primarily formulated and manufactured in Australia with the highest quality ingredients.
  • WelleCo has 50 retailers across 28 countries, spanning across the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Australia.