WelleCo’s Iconic The Super Elixir™ Now Comes In Two New Flavours

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New Flavours Blood Orange and Unflavoured

Meet The Super Elixir™ Blood Orange and The Super Elixir™ Unflavoured

We’re so excited to share the launch of two new flavour variants to our ingestible beauty greens offering, The Super Elixir™ – meet The Super Elixir™ Blood Orange and The Super Elixir™ Unflavoured. Now with these additional flavours, you can rediscover your daily greens and introduce refreshing variety into your beauty and wellness routine, whilst continuing to benefit from the proven powerful benefits of the original superfood formula.

Of course, The Super Elixir™ requires little introduction. Our premium super greens powder has accrued a huge following worldwide, enjoying over 3000 five-star reviews and often found in the beauty department. The Super Elixir™ is a true superfood, developed on Harley St by Elle’s own doctor and featuring a unique combination of 45+ high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients including botanical herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. When taken daily with water or fresh juice, the ingredients are easily-absorbed, working in synergy to amplify all their natural benefits and nourish the body right down to the cellular level. The Super Elixir™ also supports healthy looking skin, strong hair and nails, overall gut health and immune system health, while enhancing energy levels. 

“At WelleCo, we believe that beauty is soul deep, not skin deep; balancing inner and outer beauty enables you to exude confidence, strength, charisma and vitality,” says our founder Elle Macpherson. “The Super Elixir™ is the first product that allowed me to truly know what it is to feel well, and WelleCo was born so that I could share that feeling with others. We are so excited to be able to introduce these new flavours and to give our worldwide community the chance to experience the proven health benefits of The Super Elixir™ in a wide collection of delicious flavours.”

The Super Elixir™ Blood Orange is our boldest new flavour in the WelleCo collection, with all the powerful beauty and wellness standards you know and love from the original The Super Elixir™ Greens but with a sunny, uplifting Blood Orange flavour. This is balanced by The Super Elixir™ Unflavoured, which presents a light, natural greens flavour. Both new flavour options can be added seamlessly to any beauty and wellness routine and are available in 300g refill packs ($85.00) which last one month (based on daily consumption). The Super Elixir™ can be easily added to water, healthy drinks, or blitzed into smoothies and shakes. Just two teaspoons daily. It’s that simple. 

The two new flavour additions perfectly complement the rest of WelleCo’s carefully curated collection of beauty and wellness solutions, which are all formulated by leading nutritionists, science-backed and sustainably sourced. The range also includes a nutritious, plant-based protein powder and herbal sleep tea which, alongside The Super Elixir™, offers a three-step daily routine. This is further enhanced by a selection of powerful Super Boosters to personalise your beauty and wellness routine with targeted support for immune system, liver, gut, bones, aquatic collagen (for hair, skin and nails) and hormones.

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