Dr. Simone Laubscher's Top Tips to Happy Skin

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Sending some expert tips direct to your body's largest organ.

Your skin is your biggest organ, so it needs to be nourished like all your internal organs. The skin has to deal with direct exposure to our environments each day from pollution, sun, toxic chemicals and nasty additives from our hygiene products and sunblock.


How your skin looks and feels reflects your inner world, so getting your inflammation under control and balancing your7 Pillars of Wellness is essential.


Sort Your Inflammation

When your internal system is too acidic, and your inflammation markers are raised, it is harder for the body to heal. Inflammation is part of the body’s innate immune response and is beneficial for healing if acute from injury to repair damaged tissue and protect ourselves against pathogens. Chronic inflammation is harmful and linked to all major skin problems and diseases.


A diet high in inflammatory foods, leaky gut, parasites/candida, poor blood sugar regulation, low hydration, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, toxin build-up, high stress, and a lack of mindfulness practices will affect your inflammation. Therefore, the quality of your skin.

Support Your Digestive System

To support your digestive system, chew each mouthful 20 times, eat more warm foods, boost your veggies to improve your prebiotic culture, eat foods naturally high in probiotics like sauerkraut, organic kefir, kimchi and boost your anti-virals and anti-bacterial like pumpkin seeds, garlic, ginger, cayenne, lemon, grapefruit and cloves.


Balance Your Hormones

Many hormonal imbalances are the drivers of blemished skin. The best diet to balance hormones is a Low GI diet with good clean protein like wild fish and organic veggies and good fats like avocado, olives and coconut, avocado, hemp and extra virgin olive oil.


Do A Parasite Cleanse

We all have a degree of parasites and fungi, which are only issues when they overgrow and get out of balance. The body becomes too damp and inflamed when your good bacteria are too low and your harmful bacteria are too high. Using the Lunar Cycle to do a parasite cleanse is the most effective way to have long-lasting results.



A minimum of two litres of good clean filtered water is ideal and increase that to three litres if you are a coffee/caffeine drinker.


Open Your Detox Pathways

To open your detox pathways, you need to support your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and lymphatic system. The increased blood flow supports an abundance of nutrients delivered to the cell and toxins removed. This also helps to reduce plaque build-up in your arteries too. Trampolining is also fantastic for your lymphatic system; even a mini-rebounded daily for ten minutes will greatly support you. Skin brushing improves lymph flow.


Let Your Skin Sweat

Your skin loves to sweat, for it helps your body remove toxins, bacteria and even heavy metals. Sweating is a great way to reduce inflammation but always make sure you wash your skin, especially before exercise, for your pores will open up, and you don’t want any dirt or makeup to block your pores, especially if you are prone to acne.


Manage Stress

Living under high stress increases inflammation and reduces the body’s ability to heal. Since your skin is not essential to life compared to your heart or brain, the body will reduce blood flow to organs that are not vital for survival. Add the fight or flight story where the body will be vast-constrict just in case you face real danger and get cut to prevent you from bleeding to death. Stress reduces healing blood flow to your skin and shuts down your body’s amazing ability to heal. Starting your day with mindfulness, gratitude, visualisations and affirmations is terrific for both mind and body. When you live in peace, your health will flow, giving your skin an irresistible glow. Essential fats are also key to calming your nervous system and having dewy skin.


Get Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep may be an old cliche, but there is some science behind it, for sleep allows you to detox from the day you have just had and supports a healthy flow of your essential pathways and organs. During deep sleep, blood flow is increased to your skin-supporting healing, repair and collagen production, facilitating repair and reducing wrinkles and age spots. Also, deep sleep supports growth hormone release, creating new cells that help heal damaged skin cells.


Reduce Your Toxic Load

When purchasing vegan, organic skincare, it is imperative to choose natural vegan makeup too so you can start to clean up your toxic load. When it comes to household cleaners, you must remember your home has a microbiome too. Of course, we need clean homes, but using vinegar and natural rather than chemical is always the way to go so bacteria and viruses are eliminated. Still, you’re not living in a toxic environment. the same goes for dishwashing liquid and clothes washing too. Oh, and dry cleaning – please avoid this and only use it for special occasions!


As published by Dr Laubcscher over atDr Simoné’s Rejuv website.