TikTok-Approved Heatless Hair Styling Tricks

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Take your cues from TikTok.

Of course, we all know that when it comes to your hair, the best place to begin is within, which is why we formulated The Hair Elixir – your daily support for longer, stronger locks that shine with natural beauty. But if you’re wanting to nurture and maintain your results, it might be time to take a look at your haircare habits.


If you’re hitting restart on your hair journey, taking a more natural approach to hair styling can be really beneficial for your hair’s overall health. TikTok has quickly become the place to find all number of beauty hacks, from skincare tips to healthy recipes (while we’re on the topic, don’t forget to follow WelleCo on TikTok here). But it’s also become a great way to find new ways to care for your hair – particularly if you’re looking to avoid damage-inducing hot tools, like straightening irons and curling wands.


So if you’re ready to give your hair a little extra love without sacrificing the way that it looks, here are a few of our favourite heatless hair styling tricks, straight from TikTok.


Invest in a hair ribbon

One of the biggest hair trends on TikTok involves ditching your curler in favour of a soft hair ribbon. The ribbon, which typically looks a little like a silky, padded boomerang, is worn overnight to curl the hair, with the lengths of your locks wrapped around it.


It sounds strange, but thousands of users have tried the trick and woken up with full-bodied bouncy waves, as if they’d just stepped out of the salon. The best bit? The trick doesn’t require any hair tools, zero heat and it works while you sleep. Plus, hair ribbons tend to be inexpensive and widely available online, so it’s an easy way to ease in to natural hair styling.


Use hair rollers

Similar to the hair ribbon, hair rollers are retro hair styling tools that are finding popularity again for their ability to add waves without damaging heat. And just like the hair ribbon, they work by having sections of hair wrapped around their (usually Velcro) barrel, before being pinned at the roots and left to dry.


As the hair rollers cover less hair than the hair ribbon, this technique is better employed for shorter hair, or simply for certain sections of the hair that you’d like to add a bit of movement to, such as layers around the face for a Seventies-inspired, Farrah Fawcett effect.


Air dry your style

WelleCo founder Elle Macpherson swears by putting her freshly washed hair up into a top knot to dry. Then, either the next morning or after a few hours, she lets her now-dry locks loose to form the perfect effortless waves.


You can try a similar loose style with a top knot, or try plaiting your damp hair before bed to get tighter, more defined curls. Those with highly textured or curly hair can try ‘plopping’, which involves wrapping wet curls in material while they dry – allowing them to keep their natural shape and avoid breakage.


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