Elle Macpherson: The daily practise I use for a strong immune system

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Our founder and Get The Gloss columnist shared her daily practise for a strong immune system.

“On their own, an infrared sauna and a cold plunge are excellent at strengthening the immune system, but I like to combine them in a Nordic tradition that dates back 1000 years known as The Nordic Cycle. Most evenings, I’ll spend time in my Therasage infrared sauna with the temperature cranked up. I’ll then jump in my cold plunge bath.


Going from hot to cold creates positive stress, activating the body’s natural adaptation and defense mechanisms. The stress-recovery cycle then stimulates blood circulation and releases endorphins, which improves the overall state of the immune system; so much so that those who do so regularly have 29 per cent fewer sick days! The Finnish are masters of ‘sisu’, a country-wide concept pertaining to grit and inner strength. And they also happen to be the happiest country in the world, so perhaps they’re onto something!


I like to follow my hot-to-cold sessions with some breath work and then my nightly cup of The Evening Elixir which helps the mind, emotions and body to rest, recover and rejuvenate. I’ve been doing this routine now for many years and it not only supports my immune system, I find it’s also incredible for detox, lymph support and relaxation.


I’m also a big believer in daily vitamin D from the sun, and reducing EMF (electromagnetic fields) by lowering screen use and using blue light blocking glasses and red light at night. I believe in minimising stress. Stress has been proven to weaken the immune system and is the best reason to meditate more. Another thing I like to do for my immune system is to practice Reiki on myself.”


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As originally published on Get the Gloss.