The Beauty Of Motherhood: Katelin Dial

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Welcome to The Beauty Of Motherhood, WelleCo's celebration of women who inspire us through their commitment to others, while still making the time to nurture their own wellbeing. Here they share the beauty and wellness rituals they rely on to cultivate self-love throughout their busy lives.

Katelin Dial is an integrative health coach, the founder of Clean Life Collection and a mother of four, and a member of the global WelleCommunity. She explains why she prioritises self-care to be an example for her children.

"When I'm taking care of myself nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, by taking the time for healthy well-balanced meals, movement and exercise, prayer or meditation, then I can be a better mother to my children. I'm more patient kind, loving and compassionate. And I hope by living those lifestyle habits my children also adapt to them and learn them so that they can be more patient, kind, loving and compassionate in the world."