Elle Macpherson: On Raising Healthy Children

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Our Founder and Get The Gloss columnist shares her journey on raising healthy children.


“Once I started modelling, I had no real reason to think about health beyond fitness. I would work out (I loved to run) and watch my weight. To me, that was ‘health'. I certainly had no idea there were 11 systems of the body, from the nervous system to the lymphatic system and endocrine system and everything in between. Keep in mind it was the nineties and the idea of self-care typically meant partying most nights! Regrettably, smoking was also very fashionable back then. When traveling, I would just power through without a thought about the state of my inner health, as there was simply no real time to think about it.


By the time I turned 40, I’d given up smoking and drinking, becoming the fittest I’ve ever been. I came face-to-face with what it truly felt to become well from within, despite still having some way to go.


When I became a mother, I was intent on raising my boys strong and healthy. I wanted to give them the same foundation my mum gave me, naturally. So, I started working with expert naturopaths who showed me how to best cultivate quality health in my boys.


Since then, the advice of London nutritionist Dr Simoné Laubscher has been an enormous help to my family. A lot of how we live is based on her 7 pillars of wellness, which include essentials like sleep, time in nature, sunshine, improving oxygenation, intuitive movement, quality supplements and reducing stress. And I think it worked because my boys have turned out beautifully!”


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As originally published on Get the Gloss.