How To Elevate Your Glow

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If skin could achieve perfect Zen, it would be under the hands of legendary LA facialist Terri Lawton.

She is the go-to for actresses Zoë Kravitz, Michelle Williams, Demi Moore, and Rachel Weisz where her purifying and cell-regenerating facials ignite perfect red-carpet glow. She shares her secrets with WelleCo for achieving the best glow of your life.

“I think it is very interesting you are asking about glowing skin. I run into many people who are very keyed into getting injectables but don’t truly realise how important glow is to skin and beauty. I am someone who has been in the holistic field since the mid 1970s and have explored a lot of concepts etc. I think the key to glowing skin is to have one’s system in an alkaline state (not acidic) and to be in a good and balanced state of health. The beauty of treating a client’s skin is that I can often see where my client’s health is out of balance and help direct them to someone who can help them internally address the symptoms of what is going on and also find them the products that will help balance. It is truly amazing to see people come alive and thrive internally and externally when their systems are in balance. I had a woman come in last week and when I saw her a year or two ago on the first treatment I knew something was really off by the way her skin looked and reacted. I didn’t know what it was, usually I can pin point it, but fortunately I knew exactly who to refer her to and to date she has been on a journey or working on herself internally and is totally glowing. It was a very interesting and lovely moment when she was saying how happy she is now and also how good she feels. She started to cry and said for 20 years she did not know she was sick, though she did go to doctors they were never addressing the true underlying root of her issues. She said she had no idea that her facial was going to lead her to the place she was currently in. For me this is everything. Going to root cause is magic."

Terri Lawton


“I don’t care how old a client is, if her skin glows people notice. It is a true reflection of beauty. I think a holistic approach is important. It’s about connecting to yourself and understanding what is good for your skin. It is important to find what resonates with your body because we are all different. We have been doing food allergy testing for years and often clients think they could be reacting to sugars, wheat or gluten, and then the results show the issue is kale, chicken, or salmon - foods that are considered healthy but not a match for them. It is the same with skin care products. One of my fortes, is matching people with products that resonate with them and support the hands-on work I do in my facials. If someone comes in with dull skin, it is my priority to ignite the glow within use products that support it. What I do in session is fairly sophisticated as I am looking at pathways that are blocked in the skin. I do cranial facial work, which I have been doing since the early 1980s, and energy work along with light therapy to bring skin into a glowing state. That being said, it is important to bring the factors of glow and balance into play and consciousness for the client. Often they truly don’t realise their skin isn’t glowing, they just know their skin doesn’t look good. It is very exciting when people see the transformation.”


“A lot of people are not drinking enough water. 2 litres a day is ideal. Good hydration can be complex. If someone’s skin is not hydrating or holding hydration, there are so many variables. Often the moisture barrier is disrupted and there are specific products that can address this. It could be foods that are not compatible. We look to see if our client’s skin is in an acidic state. I deal with people mainly who live in Los Angeles, New York, England and other countries, where the lifestyles are fast paced, stress levels are high or there is a lot of pollution. All of this contributes to acidity. Taking daily greens is a very easy way to help the system move into an alkaline state which helps the moisture barrier from an internal perspective and glow. What I love about the WelleCo product is that it is very low in sugars (only 1 gram) and is very easy and convenient to use. Often we see clients using green juices that are loaded with fruit sugars – sometimes over 30 grams per serving.”


“I work with people who have very busy schedules and lives. I am a big believer at looking at the root cause and potential internal disturbances and referring them to excellent Integrative Health Doctors or someone who can help with issues. I also am a big supporter of people coming in for facials, but equally important is to have the right products at home. I find if I can integrate the internal and external treatments with good home care my clients don’t need to come in as often.”


“Most of my clientele prefers to age gracefully, so if people want to do fillers I advise them to tell whomever is doing the procedure to let the person know that they don’t want to “look done”. The aim should be natural and enhanced. It is a confusing time because there is a new bar set for what some perceive as beauty. I was just looking at a photo of Ali McGraw, who I could wasn’t using injectables. I loved looking at her face because you could see her life on her face. It was so beautiful to me.”