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Who knew a happy liver could give good glow?

The liver is one of the most powerful organs in your body. It filters blood, creates hormones, cholesterol and bile to breakdown fat, stores vital nutrients and vitamins, regulates metabolic function and blood sugar, disposes of old red blood cells, and distributes hormones and nutrients where they are needed most around the body.

Given what it can do, it comes as no surprise that a healthy happy liver can also have a large impact on how we look and feel.

Here are some of the health and beauty benefits a healthy liver can deliver.


Clear skin and bright eyes are the glow of true health, and to achieve both, it is important to consider what you are putting into your body.

If you find that your skin is dry and itchy, you may need more than just a topical moisturiser, as itchy skin can be an early sign of a struggling liver.

When the liver functions effectively, it is able to remove toxins from the body. If these toxins aren’t removed by the liver, they can start to filter out through the whites of the eyes and the skin resulting in a yellow hue known as jaundice.

A happy, healthy liver also keeps blemishes and hyperpigmentation at bay, thanks to its hard work keeping the deeper layers of the epidermis free of toxins. When the liver isn’t functioning as well as it should, oestrogen in the body can create tyrosinase, an enzyme containing copper, which then produces more melanin that causes skin spots.

Eating a healthy diet brimming with seasonal produce and supplemented with plant-based nutrients is an effective way to nourish your liver.

Incorporating 1 vial of Detoxifying Liver Tonic Super Booster into your daily routine helps support both the natural liver cleansing and detoxification processes, liver health and function, and helps reduce free radicals formed in the body.


Unless you’re actively trying to gain or lose weight, a stable body weight is an indicator that your liver is functioning well as part of your body’s intricate metabolic and digestive systems. If your liver is struggling, you might find yourself suddenly gaining weight without any obvious dietary reason as to why.

Eating an unbalanced diet of fast and processed foods that are filled with toxins and chemicals is tough on the liver, because it has to work harder to filter them out of the body. This in turn makes digestion and fat breakdown challenging which can result in in weight gain, bloating and fatigue. The more nasties we ingest, the more our liver health is comprised.


If your memory is generally reliable (aside from the occasional ‘Where did I leave my car keys?!’ freak out), you can thank your liver for swiftly removing toxins from your blood stream that can otherwise build up in the brain, causing memory interference. If you’re suffering from brain fog more frequently and can’t pinpoint an obvious cause, it may be worth asking your doctor to investigate your liver as a poorly functioning liver can have a big impact on the brain.


Most don’t attribute the liver to aiding sleep but it’s a star player of your body’s dream team that helps you fall into the land of nod. The liver contributes to the repair and restoration of your body that occurs at a cellular level when you’re in deep sleep.

If you’re struggling to fall asleep even though you’re counting sheep, drinking your SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea and going through a relaxing bedtime ritual, this could indicate signs of liver disturbance. When the liver is struggling, we’ll often feel jittery and restless at night - mirroring the liver’s unrest in processing the day’s toxins!