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We haven’t been this excited about a collab, since, well, ever!

We’ve teamed up with the gorgeous Hannah Andersson, FashionableFit founder and health coach, who has promised to whip us into shape with her amazing workouts (all while looking on point might we add).

First up she’s designed a special booty-burning workout, including a video tutorial just for us! It’s designed to be done anywhere – at the gym, in the park, or in your loungeroom, you can do it in your PJs if you want to.

With such an amazing fitness series, we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to kick off Elle’s 4 week body plan (it’s your 45 minutes of exercise sorted!).

So join us on a health and fitness adventure guaranteed to leave you feeling, fit, balanced and high on life.

Booty burning workout

A1: 1 and 1/4 front squat (15 reps x 4 sets)

A2: Glute bridge on ball (15 reps x 4 sets)

A3: Hamstring curls on ball (15 reps x 4 sets)

A4: Side steps on board (15 reps on each leg x 4 sets)

A5: Squat jumps on board (15 reps x 4 sets)

Complete exercises A1 to A5 back to back with minimum rest in between. At the end of exercise A5 rest for 60-90 sec. Repeat the circuit for 4 rounds. Warm up with foam rolling, dynamic stretch and do the circuit with lighter weights or body weight for one set.

Stay tuned for Hannah’s next transforming workout!