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A holistic approach, using topical and ingestible beauty treatments, is key to your beautiful new season complexion.

I am a big believer in treating the skin with the seasons,” says leading facialist Richie Angelo from Melbourne’s MADE by SELF salon. “A change in season is the ideal time to detox your skin and shake up your skincare routine. It’s time to shed dry skin and renew, rejuvenate and refresh the complexion. It is also a crucial time to prepare the skin for the onslaught of UV rays come summer.”

Back to basics

“After perspiring and slathering on sunscreen all summer, skin can be clogged so it’s a great time to kick start the season with a purifying facial. It gives your complexion a thorough clean out. It is also the best time for your facialist to re-assess your skincare for the season ahead.”

Hydrate and nourish

As the weather gets cooler and artificial heating is switched on, skin can quickly dry out. “Start upping your moisture game,” says Richie. “Start the day with a creamier cleanser, and massage in a heavier and more hydrating moisturiser. A facial oil or serum is also an effective way of giving your skin an extra nourishing boost.”

Try WelleCo’s Rich Moisturising Crème that includes Australian Organic Olive Oil, avocado and sweet almond oil, and anti-oxidant rich pomegranate extract for nourishment and natural re-hydration.

Healthy gut = beautiful skin

Good skin health begins from within. “Upping your antioxidants internally will keep your skin healthy and in check for the months ahead,” Richie agrees. “It is also super-effective for repairing any sun damage from summer.” Add a powerful beauty ingestible to your morning smoothie to improve your skin from the inside out. THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Formula is packed with a combination of foods that are filled with vitamins for beauty, including pre and probiotics, aloe vera for hydration and healing, and horsetail for silica and collagen building.

What makes Richie#HappyOnTheInside

“It’s the simple things in life - yoga practice, cooking healthy nourishing food, fresh clean sheets and listening to the rain.”

Elle's morning skin glow smoothie

Feed your skin this winner and thank us later: 1 cup of baby spinach, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 kiwi fruit, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop THE SUPER ELIXIR Vanilla Nourishing Protein & 2 tsp Alkalising Formula


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