Elle Is Madame Magazine's April Cover Star

Get your fix of wellness and things that inspire us.

Read on for an excerpt from Elle's interview with Madame Magazine, where she talks purpose, living fearlessly and finding empowerment in wellness

On wellness as empowerment... "Being well means feeling well and doing what supports wellness while doing nothing that compromises wellness. It applies to body, emotions, mind and spirit and all the interrelating functions of life. I have more energy, I attract more opportunities, and I can achieve more every day, more easily. With wellness, people become empowered to live life to the fullest – the life they were meant to live in the way they choose."

On finding her purpose... "I’ve always been interested in wellness, but it was probably when I had my children that I started to have a very different perspective on what it means to be well – this incredible change happens in your body. I was watching my body evolve and wanted to learn more about how I could support it through all phases of life. And I wanted to support my children too. So, nutrition and wellbeing became this huge part of my life as I became a mother." 

On fear... "My attitude to fear in business is “face it and embrace it” – it’s usually the fear of failure that weakens people’s resolve. Even the things that could be judged as failures are just opportunities to learn and gain wisdom to apply and benefit from next time."

On staying grounded... "I take the time to stay connected with the environment every day in some way – walking, deep breathing, barefoot in the sand. I also consciously take actions to make important decisions practical."

For the full story, read Madame Magazine's April 2021 issue, online now

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