#AskWelleCo: Is Going Plant-Based The Secret To Glowing Skin?

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WelleCo formulator Dr. Simone Laubscher Ph.D, a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, on whether eating a plant-based diet is really better for your complexion

Q: It feels like everyone is talking about how adopting a plant-based diet is amazing for your skin. Should I try it, too?

A:Going plant-based can be great for your skin because you'll naturally be eating more fruits and vegetables, which is always beneficial for your body. Think of your body like a car, with your food being the fuel you need to get around – if you put cheap fuel in an expensive vehicle, you won't get good performance.

It's similar with your body, as plants will no doubt provide better support for your systems than most processed food can.But does that mean that we all should go 100 per cent plant-based in our diets? Well, not necessarily.

Be realistic about your lifestyle

Going plant-based can offer some wonderful benefits for your skin and overall health, but I don't advocate for everyone to adopt a completely plant-based diet. This is because it can be a significant lifestyle change for some people, which is great if that's something you're happy to contend with, but it might be too much of an undertaking for some to ensure that your body is getting the complete nutrition it needs.

It's always important to ensure that your body is getting the right nutrients, many of which are easily found in good quality meat such as fish. I personally follow a pesca-vegan diet, where I eat mostly plant-based food but incorporate some fish for extra iodine – but it's all about your own health goals, your personal values and what works best for your body.

We used to say 'You are what you eat', but
now we say 'You are what you absorb'

Balance is best

If you're wanting to see whether a plant-based diet can benefit your skin, simply start by incorporating more plants into your diet and less animals. You don't necessarily need to cut everything else out completely, but if you're experiencing some inflammation in your skin and want to clear it up, try going pesca-vegan – eating more sustainably-sourced fish but less animals overall – to see if it addresses your inflammation markers.

Some will find that it helps their skin, while others will see that it has less of an impact on their complexion. We're all different, and our bodies tolerate and respond to what we fuel it with in different ways. Yes, incorporating more plants into your diet is always going to benefit your health, but you can still notice a big impact in your body without going 100 per cent plant-based.

Give your body complete support

Irrespective of your diet, the most vital consideration should always be whether your body is getting complete nutritional support. If you are plant-based, it's important to factor in other protein sources into your meals. At WelleCo, we have the solution in our plant-based Nourishing Protein, which helps your body build lean muscle and supports your living tissue, for a stronger body and great skin.

The Super Elixir™ also helps to deliver powerful greens into your daily diet without any extra effort. We used to say 'You are what you eat', but now we say 'You are what you absorb', which is where The Super Elixir™ really excels. Just two teaspoons in water each day will support your whole body, from your skin to your immunity and digestion.

Both products can act as the foundation for your nutrition, without the need for extra supplements. So if eating a plant-based diet is right for you, make sure you're including both to offer your body optimum functional support.


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