5 Minutes With Hannah Elliott

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Hannah Elliott is a columnist for Bloomberg Luxury. She writes about everything you want, from cars, culture and travel to luxe needs and deeply fascinating people. She also loves New York City. Here are some of her favourite places. Take note.

3 best spots for dinner

Scarr’s Pizza is the coolest downtown NYC spot run by the homies with fresh ingredients and pizza by the slice. Full bar and chill vibes. The best.

Waverley Inn What can I say, it’s an institution for good reason. Go early if you want a spot at the bar or make a reservation and get the full impeccable force. Get the burger, or the chicken pot pie, and the expensive macaroni and cheese. Or all of them. And go on Sunday for the brunch menu, which is little-known and quietly served in the garden but serves excellent traditional brunch fare like eggs benedict, salmon and lox, and omlettes that are perfect.

LucienFrench American bistro in the East Village. It’s just cozy and perfect. Get the steak frites.

Favourite stores for luxe fashion

I find I do all my shopping these days online, don’t you? That said, I can’t ever help not stopping into Iro on Broome Street (just a 2 minute walk from WelleCo’s new flagship store!) and Nila Lotan on Duane Street in New York. Reformation is always good for basics, and I still buy my jeans from Acne Studios. The Arrivals, which has amazing leather work, is a New York brand that sometimes holds pop-up locations in Soho – they’re worth following. And in a shout-out to my own neighborhood joint, Trash and Vaudeville has funky and inexpensive punk pieces that are good for adding some excitement to my otherwise minimalist aesthetic.

Best brunch go-to

I hate brunch. Especially in New York. But if I’m going to meet friends to eat on a random Sunday I’ll do Dudley’s on Broome Street or The Flower Shop on Eldridge. Both have solid brunch fare, like The Full English Breakfast and oatmeal with yogurt, plus strong Bloody Mary’s and friendly, chill service. See also: Waverly Inn, as noted above.

Late night destination

At night I like dark quiet bars where I can nurse a strong drink, so lately I’ve been drawn to places like Peachy’s, the bar hidden underneath Chinese Tuxedo downtown, and Rose Bar in the Grammercy Hotel (okay, that can get a little wound-up). That said, I also love Skinny Dennis, the best old honky tonk dive bar in Brooklyn. You eat peanuts there and throw the shells on the floor; there’s a great folk or country western band there late most nights. Get the espresso drink laced with whiskey.

Fave juice bar

I don’t drink juice.

Go-to gallery

Everyone says The Met. And it’s true – that’s the best museum in the country. But also check out The Morgan Museum on Madison Avenue – it has beautiful massive rooms filled with books and artefacts once owned and collected by James Pierpont Morgan (he of JP Morgan Chase bank fame). It’s a major exhibition venue for fine art, literature, and music, and one of the best of the city’s stately homes.

image by @hannahelliottxo

Chic cocktails

I don’t need to tell you all the history and the famous people and parties at The Carlyle. There is live music – usually from the grand piano in the middle of the room – most nights. And you’re sure to see someone interesting (remind me to tell you about the time Liza Minelli used my shoulder to steady herself before walking out). But it’s also the only place that I’ll make a special trip uptown for, just to soak in the Old New York history. It’s expensive but worth it.

Most stylish person

My best friend, Laurel St. Romain, who owns Deadflowers, has the best style. She has the best eye for couture and vintage that I’ve ever seen, and she can go from gypsy fairy goddess to downtown street French punk badass in the course of an afternoon – and pulls it off perfectly.

image by @hannahelliottxo

Choice chill zone

I love people-watching with my boyfriend in Tompkins Square Park.

Ultimate NYC escape

The ultimate NYC escape is Paris – it’s one easy flight that takes the same amount of time as flying to the West Coast. And, like the old saying goes, Paris is always a good idea – it’s impossible not to find beautiful, exotic things that inspire and enchant your senses. Or, if you need water, go to Big Sur (fly into San Francisco and drive down – it takes three hours). Stay at the Post Ranch Inn. Detach your phone, eat nourishing food, inhale the salt air, and breathe deep. It’s heaven.

Favourite bookstore

McNally Jackson on Prince Street in Soho. They have the best selection of cool art and fashion magazines, plus the latest and most beautiful books on style, culture, and my personal favorite binge-worthy genre, memoires.

Coffee you can't live without

I’ve lately switched off coffee and feel a whole lot better (though I still miss you, coffee!). So any old Earl Grey tea is my thing right now.

Best thing about living in NYC

The people. They never cease to amaze and thrill me with their endless creativity, personality, drive, intelligence and style. I love you guys!