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Loyalty Levels

Triple Points Weekend starts NOW*
*T&C apply

£1 = 1 Point*. WelleCo’s WelleInsider Loyalty Program offers three loyalty levels allowing you to elevate your health next level. For every dollar spent, earn another point and reward yourself with insider access offers, cool events, beauty buzz, and premium health perks for premium welleness.

Green £0-£400/yr
Gold £401-£1,100/yr
Platinum £1,101+/yr
200pts on us (when you join)
Birthday present (200pts)
Pre-launch product samples
Exclusive insight promotions
Full-size product (Redeemable with points)
Exclusive content (Access to online nutrition lectures with Dr Laubscher PhD & guest)
Special access to limited edition products, exclusive product trials and first tastings.
Exclusive event invitations
*Points are valid for 12 months from earning.
Points can only be given once you join the loyalty program and can not be credited for past purchases.
JOIN NOW for 200 bonus points.

Bonus Points

Psst…pick-up (sneaky) bonus points three ways

Refer a friend 1000 pts
Follow us @superelixir 100 pts
Like us on Facebook 100 pts

Reward Yourself

Earn more points, redeem now for premium benefits, or sit tight and go next level.

£10 Gift Card
1000 pts
Hydrator Bottle
2400 pts