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One mother and daughter, many incredible changes.

Meet mother and daughter, Annette and Naomi Handley. As they say, when you’re on a good thing, it tends to spread like wildfire and that’s what happened for this Melbourne mother/daughter pair. Annette was introduced to The Super Elixir™ in 2017 and after seeing Annette thrive, Naomi followed suit. This is their beauty through wellness story.

Annette, 63

When did you start taking The Super Elixir™?2017

What inspired you to start taking it?I was feeling a little flat and a friend suggested I try The Super Elixir™ as it had worked for her.

Tell us about your experience?I have not looked back! The Super Elixir™ has given me the boost I was looking for.

Did your skin improve?Personally, I didn’t notice that, but I know Naomi did.

Did your energy improve?Yes, I feel more energetic all day and sleep better at night.

Did your digestion improve?Yes, I now have very regular bowel movement and I also found l have less fluid retention.

Did your nails and hair improve?I haven’t noticed a change, personally.

Have you noticed any changes to your immune system?I feel stronger within myself and rarely get sick.

Would you recommend it and why?Yes, The Super Elixir™ makes me feel like l have the energy to keep going all day.

Any last words?I have been taking The Super Elixir™ every morning as an essential part of my daily routine and would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their love for life. To recommend anything to a daughter, I think, is the highest form of praise.  

Naomi, 38

When did you start taking The Super Elixir™?About a year ago 

What inspired you to start taking it?My mum! She had been taking it for some years and swore by it for energy and overall wellness.

Tell us about your experience?I was feeling a bit sluggish. I have a super busy life, with two young boys and a family business, so for me, having the energy to keep up and thrive, is absolutely everything! So, I started taking it every morning and noticed after about three weeks I was feeling much more energised in the mornings.

Did your skin improve?Yes, hardly get any breakouts. 

Did your energy improve?Yes, definitely! I don’t drink coffee anymore but when I do it’s not until around 10:30am. I just don’t feel I need it to get started, which is an amazing change after all these years. 

Did your digestion improve?Yes, I’m very regular and experience much less bloating. 

Did your nails and hair improve?Yes, big improvement in my overall nail strength.

Have you noticed any changes to your immune system?Not really, I never really get sick and have always had pretty good immune system.

Would you recommend it and why?  Yes, I definitely have felt a very positive change since taking The Super Elixir™ every day as part of my routine. Overall, I’m more focused and energetic in the morning, which has really affected my overall quality of life. Skin and nails have also really improved as well. Couldn’t be happier!


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