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When Julie Katerine, CEO of Global Glow, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 31, she set about a new way of life that would change her wellness journey forever.

WelleCo (W): You were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 31. What was this experience like and how has it shaped you?

Julie Katerine (JK): After a living a life of almost impeccable health, I was diagnosed with early onset RH after the birth of my second child. Suffice to say, it was a real shock for me, and my life changed overnight.

My battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my 30s was the beginning of my new reality. I felt overwhelmed at the thought of spending the rest of my life being heavily medicated in order to manage my disease and its side effects. This fear ultimately sparked the beginning of my health and wellness journey, and I began to research alternative ways to combat extreme fatigue, alleviate inflammation and manage my joint pain.

I learned that by altering my mindset and lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, stress and toxic surroundings, I could free myself from this disease. I can now proudly say that I have been medication-free since 2011 and have never felt better!

I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained over the past few years, which now enables me to better understand my clients’ needs. Today as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and proud founder and CEO of Global Glow, I truly believe, more than ever, that although the past cannot be changed, the future is in your power.

W: How has adopting an alkaline lifestyle made a difference to your condition – and your life in general?

JK:I attribute many of my health and wellness strides to date to following an alkaline diet. This way of life has helped reduce the overall inflammation in my body and eliminated my joint pains. It has also given me a brighter complexion and a huge energy boost.

The idea behind an alkaline diet is to reduce inflammation in the body, which is the cause of 90% of all of our aches, pains and illnesses. I’ve learned that anything from rheumatoid arthritis and all autoimmune diseases, to leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, energy loss, IBS, dull complexion, acne, eczema, various skin conditions, brain fog, allergies, asthma, weight gain, and the list goes on, can all be triggered by inflammation.

Our lifestyle is the big culprit behind our bodies becoming acidic. Stress, pollution, and the foods we eat can make our bodies unnaturally acidic, creating inflammation in our gut and thus, preventing us from properly absorbing the nutrients we eat or eliminating the toxins with efficacy. Keeping all of this in mind and looking back at my personal health and wellness journey, I have come to realize that what we eat, drink and think impacts every single cell in our body.

My basic rule of thumb is that imbalances, aches and pains occur when your body is too acidic, which causes inflammation. Chances are your metabolism will thrive in a more alkaline environment, leaving you with more energy, stronger immunity, brighter skin, a happier gut and simply better health.

W: As a coach, what’s the #1 concern that leads your clients to seek out your advice?

JK:The biggest concerns of my clients are inflammation-caused suffering, such as fatigue, low energy, dull complexion and weight gain. Many of my clients have no clue that inflammation may be contributing to their suffering when they first come to see me. I always tell my clients that understanding the importance of having a healthy gut is key if you wish to get healthy and stay healthy.

The gut microbiome is influenced by a myriad of factors, such as genetic makeup, lifestyle, diets, stress levels and intestinal flora to name a few. Good health and a strong immune system start with a healthy digestive tract, which is why I like to refer to the gut as being “the heart” of the body’s functionality.

W: What’s your approach to nutrition?

JK:My approach is bio-individuality, which is all about respect. It’s built on the notion that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs – what happens in your head, your heart and in your gut pretty much dictates your overall state of well-being. This concept steers us away from fad diets that set us up for failures in the long-term and is instead geared towards determining the root of a problem and finding its bespoke solution. One person’s food can be another person’s poison, so being in-tune with your body really is the key.

W:What did you experience when you first started taking the SUPER ELIXIR Greens? Did it take long for you to start seeing changes in yourself?

JK:Before I made the switch to an alkaline diet, I was aching and felt exhausted all the time. I remember trying all sorts of vitamins, minerals and green potions.

When I discovered the alkaline way of life, I started drinking SUPER ELIXIR and I soon realised that it was a super beauty supplement. It didn’t take me long to replace all my other supplements with this powerhouse formula and within two weeks, I started noticing all the benefits to my health and wellbeing.

Not only did the SUPER ELIXIR’s immune boosting properties help to reduce inflammation and free radicals and ultimately slowing down the ageing process, it also gives me a much-needed boost and strengthens my immune system. I have a healthier gut and a fantastic glow. It has also helped me, and still helps me to this day, to achieve a brighter complexion and glowing skin.

W: What do you eat and drink on an average day?

JK:I always start my morning with the SUPER ELIXIR Greens mixed in water. I take it on an empty stomach before my workouts. Afterwards, I typically have two pieces of gluten-free toast with almond butter and fruit or berries or grapefruit. I also LOVE my coffee, which I drink black with added collagen.

For lunch, I usually have a salad, packed with in-season fresh veggies from the market – I always try to switch them up to get a variety in, and I pair them with a lean protein such as tuna, salmon, chicken, quinoa or egg. This normally satisfies me until dinner and I always drink lemon water throughout the day.

When I’m in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, Matcha is my go-to. I like to mix in oat milk or simply serve with warm water. If I’m hungry, I have one or two of my protein energy balls made out of NOURISHING PROTEIN, a handful of almonds or some hummus with cut veggies. I’ve been loving beetroot hummus recently.

Dinner is normally comprised of a lean protein and grilled veggies. To please the whole family, I sometimes pair that with gluten-free long grain rice, gluten-free pasta or quinoa. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but when I do, I like to finish my day with a piece of dark chocolate with Himalayan sea salt.

To end my day on a good note, my favourite night cap is SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea. I drink it every night, and it really helps me wind down after my usually pretty hectic day!

W: In moments where you start to feel run down, exhausted, or under the weather, what do you do?

JK:For me, the most important thing to do is always listen to my body. Being the founder and CEO of a business and a mother of three, it’s important to make sure I keep inflammation symptoms at bay.

I make it a priority to tune into my body when it gives me signs that rest is needed. I’m always on the go and feel pressured to get things done, but in the long-run, this can run me down. I know that I am better off resting on days when I feel overwhelmed.

When I start feeling under the weather, I also double my serving of SUPER ELIXIR for an extra dose of vitamins and nutrients. I also drink hot water infused with lemon, fresh ginger, and garlic throughout the day – this is super hydrating and anti-bacterial - it works every time! In addition, I find it important to continue moving to break a small sweat and get my blood flow going. This can be as simple as taking a short walk or attending a yoga class. I also swear by Infra-Red Saunas for all their detoxifying benefits.

W: What are your top three tips for staying healthy, well and fit?

JK:My three essentials tips are to move daily, eat non-processed, wholesome foods, and to minimise stress in order to keep inflammation at bay.

I try to live a balanced life and to eat clean when I can, and to not worry at times where I can’t or when I decide not to. I try to manage stress on the daily and try not to sweat the small stuff. I surround myself with positive people that have good energy – it makes the biggest difference!

By staying active, I boost my endorphin levels. It makes my body and mind feel good all while giving me a ton of energy.

W: What’s the best wellness advice you’ve ever been given?

JK:The best wellness advice I’ve been given is to not stress about the small, uncontrollable things. Stress has major negative impacts on the body and mind, and it’s so important to learn to let it go. From this advice, I’ve also learned how important it is to be driven by your passion and not only by the end result. I like to follow my gut feeling and be in tuned with it. Focus on the moment, on the things that matter and drive you – the rest will follow.

W: What’s your exercise routine – and how do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like working out?

JK:I typically work out 5 days per week. Rest days are very important for me, as they allow my body to relax and give my muscles a break. My go-to workouts are low-impact and involve toning and elongating muscles while stretching them. I make sure to add in some cardio, too – it’s the greatest feeling.

I love Barre, Pilates, and Yoga, and I alternate between the three depending on what my body feels like it needs on that day. I also enjoy, skiing, playing tennis, hiking and swimming.

When I don’t feel like working out, I remind myself how much better I will feel after completing the workout. It boosts my energy, clears my mind, reduces stress, and makes me feel stronger and healthier.

W: What are your beauty and skincare essentials?

JK: My biggest belief is that all beauty starts in the gut. This is why the SUPER ELIXIR is an essential part of my day. Along with my lifestyle, this powerhouse formula completely cleared up my complexion. I also supplement daily with collagen and drink lots of lemon water.

As for skincare, in the morning I like to use the C E Peptides Serum by Vivier, and at night I use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum by SkinCeuticals. I complement this with the NANNETTE de GASPÉ Beauté line – the Essence Noir Polish is a must try for a good exfoliation and the dry-to-the-touch infused masks are insane!

W: When you want to boost your glow, what are your go-to strategies?

JK:My everyday routine is continuously glow-boosting. To get a real glow from the inside is a long-term commitment. I don’t believe changing something for a short period of time has much impact, it has to be a lifestyle change. The combo of taking the SUPER ELIXIR Greens, collagen, lemon water, eating whole foods, moving on the daily, and reducing stress is what makes me glow from the inside out. Another key product that I use daily is sunscreen. I never go without it. It’s what will preserve your skin’s radiance on the long-run – don’t underestimate it!

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