The Beauty Of Motherhood: Gucci Westman

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Welcome to The Beauty Of Motherhood, WelleCo's celebration of women who inspire us through their commitment to others, while still making the time to nurture their own wellbeing. Here they share the beauty and wellness rituals they rely on to cultivate self-love throughout their busy lives.

Gucci Westman is a globally renowned makeup artist, the founder of conscious cosmetics line Westman Atelier and a mother to three children. She shares the daily practice she turns to for a productive day and present mindset.

"I really like to start my day with 20 minutes of either breath work or meditation as I feel that it's a nice time to set an intention for the day [and] visualise what you want your day to look like. And it makes me in turn a more present and calmer parent, which is obviously very important. I think that this has helped me tremendously, just the mindfulness added into the parenting is golden – wellness, mindfulness, parenting, all those things go hand in hand."