Managing Mental Burnout

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Simple tips to help navigate periods of stress

Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve experienced seismic shifts in the way we live. It’s been a stressful and emotionally exhausting period, leading many to experience a feeling of mental burnout.

While it goes without saying that we’re collectively dealing with a lot right now, there are a number of proven methods you can turn to that will improve your mood and better your overall wellbeing. Here are a few simple tips to incorporate into your everyday routine that will help to reduce stress.

Turn your everyday routine into enjoyable rituals

With recent world events relegating many of us to our homes, caring for yourself can feel like going through the motions, or slip off the agenda altogether. Make looking after your wellbeing a daily priority by turning each aspect into an enjoyable ritual. Start by cultivating nourishing daily practices, such as a healthy smoothie with WelleCo’s The Super Elixir™ premium greens, or an evening wind-down with our Sleep Welle Calming Tea. You could also opt for a total body reset, courtesy of our 30 Days Welle program – find out more and sign up here.

Find a fresh new hobby

Research suggests that taking up a new hobby can actually help to support your mental wellbeing, according to the Australian Psychological Society.

Focusing on an activity in your spare time is said to make you feel happier and more relaxed, regardless of whether you prefer sports or academic pursuits.

Whether it’s learning a new language or honing your arts and crafts skills, try out some new things and see what works for you.

Take time out from your devices

Too much screen time takes a toll. Our ‘always on’ lifestyles, with incessant emails, WhatsApp messages and social media notifications, can cumulatively result in overwhelm, leaving us drained. Unplug for a few hours each day by putting perimeters around your phone time or take an entire day off your phone or laptop each week. Disconnecting from your devices will allow you to reconnect with yourself without distractions, leaving you feeling reenergised for your future online interactions.

Move your body

Exercise is a natural source of endorphins, but it can often feel like a big ask during stressful periods. If the mere thought of a high intensity sweat session makes you feel overwhelmed, start with small, manageable forms of exercise to rebuild mental resilience. It might be a low impact Pilates class, a long walk or even just a few stretches before bed – whatever you choose, make it simple enough that you’ll actually stick to it. Bonus points? Do your exercise outdoors, which has been proven to help boost your mood and reduce stress.

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