Man Repeller x WelleCo

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Amelia Diamond from Man Repeller just made SUPER ELIXIR her new morning habit.

I’d already decided post-fashion-month that March would be my kickoff to finally make some positive changes. I felt puffy, sleepy, stressed, mentally messy and generally gross. My list of ideas about how to improve these things was long. It included but was not limited to working out every day, meditating for 20 minutes every morning, making myself nourishing breakfasts instead of eating “bars,” consuming at least 120 percent more greens and vitamins, foam rolling before work and “getting back into effleurage.” (Effleurage is a facial massage I started doing on myself last year that, in short, makes me feel better, but as a person who is frequently sucked into intermittent blackout vortexes of worrying and scrolling through social media, the time it takes to stuff into a day already gripped by the relentless corset of adulthood makes it a near impossibility for me to keep up with.)

Since my way has never seemed to stick around for long, I decided to try her suggested approach for a month. Given the partnership at hand, adding in the WelleCo supplement to my morning routine was first on my now-much-lighter list. It’s a green powder that smells and tastes a bit like matcha and, in two teaspoons, boasts more vitamins, minerals (like vitamin D3, vitamin B12, iron) and good-for-you-things — including broccoli, which I cannot tell you the last time I swallowed — than I’ve consumed in a while. The formula I used, Super Elixir Greens, is intended to support the immune system, help digestion, fight inflammation, increase energy and improve hair, nail and skin health.

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