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We ask wellness powerhouse and WelleCo founder about the inspiration behind The Evening Elixir, the company’s latest indulgent 13-calorie chocolatey nightcap.


Off the back of Elle's whirlwind trip home to Australia and our much-anticipated release of The Evening Elixir, we sit down with our founder to chat about the backstory behind WelleCo's latest Elixir and how it changed up Elle’s evening routine. Here’s what Elle had to say.


Tell us about The Evening Elixir.

Think of The Evening Elixir as the nightcap we’ve all dreamt of: smooth, soothing and efficacious and best of all…chocolate! Hot chocolate is very new for us and it took a lot of backwards and forwards to get right. We were all supremely fussy about the taste (it had to be sweet but not too sweet), the quality of the natural vitamin C (nailing that day-after glow was imperative) and the overall rest and relaxation the formulation was able to provide.

This elixir is strong in its relaxation and rest benefits, which we wanted to deliver due to sleep being such an issue in so many homes now. Many experts claim sleep can be an overall barometer of mental health and a mirror to overall health, putting it at the top of the pile when it comes to its strong and life-changing protective benefits. Good sleep can often mean a good life. Ask any new mum this! And these days, more and more of us – particularly as the years go on – find ourselves wondering where it went. Winding down after a long day can also feel like work. And we wanted to change that up so it’s a joy, not a task.

We figured, we’ve done greens, proteins, teas so why not extend our nutrient prowess to hot chocolate? We confirmed our hunches with our WelleCommunity and we received resounding support: these sleeping beauties wanted their beauty sleep! The Evening Elixir delivers beauty while you sleep, pouring calm in a cup while supporting the skin from within.


What are the benefits of The Evening Elixir?

The Evening Elixir has dual benefits that span both morning and night. Because of the magnesium and our botanical calming blend, it gives all the benefits associated with rest and relaxation, meaning that it assists with your nightly wind-down yet it’s ultimate strength is in its beauty benefits.

These include boosting skin collagen formation, helping support skin structure and function for healthy, glowing skin. It also supports nerve and muscle function and the antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage. It’s a delicious naturally sweetened hot chocolate, easily dissolvable in milk or water, formulated to inspire your nightly selfcare ritual. It certainly has inspired mine.


Who is The Evening Elixir best for?

The Evening Elixir is for men and women alike. Anyone who likes a sweet treat before bed and who invests in self-care and expects results from their routines. I think though, women like myself are looking for an evening beauty boost that will also give them a chance to celebrate and reflect on their day. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the sleep they have and to look forward to it. It’s natural. It’s attainable. And it can be deliciously beneficial!


How do you use The Evening Elixir?

It’s so easy! Just one serve a day, ideally at night before bed or simply when you want to relax.


What does The Evening Elixir taste like?

The Evening Elixir gives an aromatic, full-bodied dark chocolatey taste without the bitterness. It took a lot of back and forth for us to be able to say that, believe me! It’s naturally sweetened with organic stevia leaf extract (so a 5g serve contains no more than 0.2 g of naturally occurring sugars.) So it’s not unnecessarily sweet. When paired with hot water or your ideal milk (which in my case is Elmhurst Oat Milk) this will quickly become your go-to nightcap. And you can always tailor it to your taste with a drop of raw honey, maple syrup, or a sweetener of choice.


What was the shoot like?

Photographed in a West St Kilda home at golden hour, The Evening Elixir came to life on a warm bed of earthy terracotta and pinewood. I really wanted nature to be part of it and ideally wanted it shot outdoors at night but Melbourne weather always has other plans! So we incorporated unassuming growth, colours, and textures throughout. Moody, dark shadows frame this Elixir in all the right ways, creating a rich, luxe treatment that makes you want to go to bed and take it with you!


How else do you unwind?

I love to relax in an infrared sauna followed by a cold plunge in my plunge bath. I'll take The Evening Elixir then or afterwards as I'm doing some breathing or writing a gratitude list just before sleep. I've had some interesting feedback lately from friends who have seen some dramatic improvements in their sleep after using this Elixir.


The Evening Elixir Edit

GF? Yes.

Vegan/Vegetarian? Yes


Calories? 13

Serves per jar? 30 serves

Safe while pregnant/breastfeeding? The Evening Elixir is not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the inclusion of herbal extracts.

Can I take The Evening Elixir alongside other WelleCo products?

Yes! Please reach out to our Customer Service Team for any support in your supplementary routine. If you are unsure, have any underlying health conditions or are on pharmaceutical medication, please consult your Primary Healthcare Professional such as your GP, Naturopath or Nutritionist as they can advise on what’s right for you.

Where is The Evening Elixir made?

The Evening Elixir is proudly formulated, blended and packed in Australia.

Elle says: “Like all good habits, my evening routine evolves with me. This latest addition — WelleCo’s The Evening Elixir — has transformed my evenings in the most profound ways. It is the perfect wind-down companion, whether it’s by my side in my sauna or while reading a book before bed. I’ve found I sleep more deeply and then wake up to unrivalled gorgeous glowy skin. As someone with a sweet tooth, I find The Evening Elixir is a delicious, sugarless, chocolatey treat that delivers beauty while you sleep. For me, it beautifully closes off my day, every day -- whether at home or on the road -- and I wake up eager to start each day, good to glow."