Can You Find Sync With Your Cycle?

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Bring your body back into balance

There’s no doubt that hormone health is complicated. After all, as women our hormones play a delicate role in almost every part of our bodies, from your mood to your reproductive health. In fact, if you’re experiencing a significant hormonal shift, it can often feel like your hormones are the ones in control.


Women are constantly moving through a new phase of our cycle with our bodies, so it’s no wonder that finding a gentle rhythm seems impossible. And while there might a lot of variables at play, it is possible to find some harmony within your body. Here are a few things you can do to find sync with your cycle and live aligned with your innate feminine wisdom.


What is cycle syncing?

Cycle syncing is a relatively new form of bio-hacking that encourages women to embrace the different phases of their menstrual cycles to better optimise their lives and work priorities. It’s said to be hugely beneficial for both our physical and mental energy levels, but it also can enhance productivity and creativity and harness the natural tempo of the body to our advantage.


The concept is grounded in an understanding of the four main phases of our reproductive cycle: the menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase and luteal phase. Each phase impacts our body differently, so cycle syncing allows us to identify and plan our activities for each phase according to what our bodies will be going through.


What are the four phases?

Menstrual phase

3-7 days

The moment that you get your period is also the same day that your new cycle begins. You’re probably feeling a little sore in your body, fatigued and perhaps irritable, which is thanks to the plummeting estrogen and progesterone levels in your body. Now is the time to stay in, rest and recuperate, caring for physical and emotional yourself, so limit your commitments and work from home if the option is available to you.

Follicular phase

7-10 days

Once your period has ended, your hormones begin to skyrocket again, which can also mean your mood, creativity and productivity reach record highs for the month. This is when you should choose to schedule in those big project pitches, post-work drinks with your friends or any of those heart-pumping HIIT workouts you enjoy.

Ovulation phase

3-4 days

As your organs prepare your body for ample fertility, you might be feeling more sociable and comfortable in yourself. Your metabolism revs up, and you might even notice that your skin is glowing more than usual as your collagen levels are high. Spend your time meeting new people, make a big decision or have that tough conversation you’ve been putting off.

Luteal phase

10-14 days

As your body prepares to start the cycle all over again, this is the time that you’ll likely be experiencing symptoms of PMS. Slow down the pace of your days to allow your body to move through these changes, work on admin-related tasks rather than brain-bending projects and spend more time at home, where you might feel the urge to ‘nest’ or cook nourishing meals for yourself in preparation for your body’s inner ‘winter’ phase.


Support through every phase

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