4 Things Elle Macpherson Does Every Day For Her Body

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The Body weighs in on feeling her best.


Since that famed day in 1986, when Time Magazine coined the term ‘The Body’ for Elle Macpherson, now WelleCo founder, her relationship with her physical form has naturally evolved. “I am constantly learning what resonates with it and what does not”, Elle says. “Largely through trial and error.” 

This resonance began in her twenties as a model, walking catwalk after catwalk, Elle understandably assumed it was fitness that determined wellness. It wasn’t until she had clocked countless jogs (and a few workout videos) she realised there was more to wellness than that. 

Two children and some years later, Elle found herself burnt out and exhausted. She still hadn’t quite reached the heights of wellness she believed was possible. It was then, at 50, she fortuitously found Simone Laubscher, PhD in natural health, who later formulated The Super Elixir™. Elle then realised that wellness can only be cultivated from within. And only then is real beauty possible. 

“Today, I am in awe of my body’s wisdom, grace and strength,” Elle comments. “I’m so passionate about being well and how this can affect the whole of your life and how you experience it.” 

Here, Elle explains how she feels her best. 


1. Follow Nature's Rhythm

I used to spend hours in the gym, honing ‘the ideal body’ because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do as a model. I came to understand the true strength and beauty of my body through pregnancy and the incredible changes my body made to accommodate another life. No amount of ‘training’ at the gym can ever match the mystery of pregnancy and child birth. I then realized that true health and wellbeing was far more than just working out.

These days, I am a lot less intense about my fitness routine, in fact I don’t have a fixed routine at all. I swim when I can, ride my bike and walk. I’ve found natural sports work better for me. Swimming every day, for example, changes my body in just a couple of weeks. An evening walk after dinner and a regular bike ride is my ideal fitness routine!




2. Embrace 'No Portion' Portions

I also no longer look at food in terms of ‘portions’. I nourish my body, always paying attention to what it asks for. There’s no formula or equation. I do however, find my body works best with intermittent fasting in the morning.  I start the day with lime water hydration (with a little Celtic Sea Salt). I’ll then have an oat milk matcha, which includes ceremonial matcha, bee pollen, cacao and perhaps charcoal. I’ll enjoy that in the morning sunshine. I tend to take my The Super Elixir™ greens (Blood Orange typically) and The Goddess Elixir, The Hair Elixir and The Skin Elixir around midday. I usually eat my first meal around 2pm and then I eat another plant-based meal around 6pm. I prefer to eat early and I love soups in the evening. I’ll always have some dark chocolate after dinner as a little treat. My diet has changed a lot over the years. I used to eat out at restaurants, both for food and atmosphere, but now I love to eat at home, preparing organic, nutrient-dense meals. 


3. Self-Care, Seriously

As for body treatments, I keep it simple as I’m on the road a lot so I tend to be low maintenance. What is non-negotiable for me though is my steam/sauna/cold plunge combo, which detoxes after plane travel, helps rebalance jet lag, increases metabolism, fires up the immune system and is basically a life saver when crossing multiple time zones. I travel with my new TheraPro Multi-Therapeutic Healing Pad. I’ve always loved Therasage but this one is especially remarkable in that it offers seven healing modalities in one and detoxes, assists with pain relief, reduces muscle tension, increases relaxation, improves circulation and even assists with weight loss. 

Ultimately important are gentle, simple clean healthy living, lots of sleep at night, meditation and quiet time in the morning, sunshine, fresh air and laughter because they work. 



4. Your Body Remembers

Meditation is essential for me as it connects all of who you are – body, emotions, mind and spirit. It’s also important to come from a relatively trauma-free lens. For me, reading The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk really helped me understand how our emotional life affects our physical wellbeing. If we want to be physically well, we often need to address what’s going on inside our heart and mind. Similarly, the body will show us what needs attention emotionally. For example, with issues of the eyes, train yourself to ask, ‘What is it you don’t want to see?’ And with issues of the feet, enquire, ‘What is it that’s worrying me about taking steps forward’? The stomach? Ask, ‘What is it that I’m finding hard to digest in my life?’ The body never lies!  


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